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Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Revolution Skincare 12 Days Of Masking Advent Calendar // Calendar Countdown

Revolution Skincare 12 Days Of Masking Advent Calendar - £25.00

What Does The Brand Say About The Advent Calendar?

The brand say; "Are you a facemask fan? Of course you are! Get skin prepped this Christmas with the Revolution Skincare 12 days of masking: sheet mask set, start the countdown in style by opening a different mask everyday! This set Includes some of our best-selling sheet face masks suitable for all skin types". 

Contents List

- Moisturising Lip Mask
- Cucumber Under-eye Mask
- Peach Hand Mask
- Niacinamide Clarifying Sheet Mask
- Salicylic Acid Sheet Mask
- Pineapple Sheet Mask
- Moisturising Sheet Mask
- Vitamin C Sheet Mask
- Soothing Sheet Mask
- Cooling Sheet Mask
- Hydrating Sheet Mask
- Black Face Roller

Just to put a little disclaimer, Revolution or Makeup Revolution as it was once known, have so many advent calendars each year. Some are one off's in collaboration with another brand, some are part of their release year after year. Last year I wasn't well enough to review any from the brand and I cannot find lists for all of them, so I unfortunately cannot tell you how many items are repeats or what is different to last year's.

My Thoughts

Priced at £25.00, it has 11 sheet masks and a face roller. Revolution masks tend to be in the £1.00 - £3.00 price range. With this advent, I would say you are getting what you pay for. What is really nice about this is, not only do you have a pamper over Christmas, but you don't have to umm and ahh over which masks to buy. This gives you many different styles to choose from and you can see what works and what doesn't, without breaking the bank. This is a great beauty advent for a younger demographic too. Save your child from rummaging in your toiletries!

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