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Monday, 14 November 2022

Operation Christmas Child 2022

This week you can take any OCC shoe-boxes you've packed to a designated drop off zone! I will be doing mine online again this year, so this post is just a recap of how you can do that online or if you want to pack one (or more) this week, I'll show what I've previously packed in mine.

When I post about doing Operation Christmas Child I do get hateful messages and I've explained previously why I pack shoeboxes, but I'm just going to give a highlighted version here. I am able to help a child by giving them education and hygiene items as well as a couple of small toys that can bring them comfort. The religious learning aspect which they call "The Greatest Journey" is an add on that I do not choose to add. I make money and physical item donations for other charities that are local to me, but I speak about OCC because it's worldwide, it's something everyone can access. I haven't come across any other big charity organisations that do something similar where I can be involved. Where education, hygiene and fun are included, if you know of any, comment about them below.

How To Pack Online

This is a post I've previously done about packing a shoebox online (Click Here). It is a great way to do it if you have covid, are still wary of covid or haven't had the chance to go out and physically pick up items. I'm still recovering from surgery, which is why I decided to do mine online again this year. 

What I've Packed Before

Here are some images of what I've packed before. As you can see included items such as; Globe Soft Balls, Recorders, Cars, Plastic Car Mat, Table Tennis, Puzzles and Soft Toys.  School supplies like; Notebook, Pencil Case, String Bag, Pencils, Pens, Math Set (Which included sharpener, rubber and ruler) and a Water Bottle. And hygiene products such as; Toothbrushes, Flannel's, Soap and Comb.

Just to note; you may see items like toothpaste which is now not allowed in the boxes. All banned items can be found if you Click Here.

Where Can I Drop The Off?

Click Here to find where to drop off your shoebox(es).

Other Helpful Links

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