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Tuesday, 4 October 2022

The Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes For Halloween // Creator Edition

When I think about starting a diy project, I look at social media. There are so many creators who have shared their ideas, tips and tricks... or failures, and I have learnt a lot. Which is how I came to want to do this 'Creator Edition' series. 

Narrowing down which creators to share was the tough task. If I could just throw all the links and say here's everything, I don't think you'd get through it all in time for Halloween. I decided to have different categories and pick a couple of creators. As the title suggests, today we are looking at The Nightmare Before Christmas costumes for Halloween.

Rachel Maksy

Rachel Maksy is a US creator who built her platform on YouTube and Instagram. She predominantly films vintage and cosplay content with beauty, home renovations and lifestyle content in between. I found Rachel through the NYX Face Awards and have been hooked ever since. I love vintage fashion. I love the Autumn and Winter seasons. I'm a huge fan of LOTR and The Hobbit works. Her content is an example of what the inside of my brain looks like.
With Halloween coming up, there are many different types of costumes she's made, from her 'but make it vintage' to 'one day make's' series. I particularly love how she incorporates the different fandoms into these projects and The Nightmare Before Christmas was one of them.

Jack Skellington

I have seen many different makeup tutorials for Jack Skellington. I even did one myself back in 2015. But, costumes are relatively easy as Jack essentially wears a black and white striped suit. Seeing the costume Rachel made, inspired by artist Annalise Jensen, is the perfect choice for a vintage, feminine twist on Jack Skellington. This is for crafters who are more advanced, but then again, there's nothing like learning as you throw yourself in the deep end.


What I loved most about this project was her use of thrifted clothing. With the current economic situation, being able to thrift or what we in the UK would say, purchase from a charity shop, is not only good for the bank balance but, if you are new to sewing and crafting, good for that first try. Being almost a one day make, this isn't as time consuming and you could just make the skirt and purchase a tan brown coloured t-shirt to match with it.

Bonus: The Pumpkin Door

Not a costume, I know, I know, but I couldn't resist sharing this tutorial for the Pumpkin Door. If you are having a Halloween party, setting up outside for trick or treaters or just want some additional props to show off your costume, this is perfect. 

Lindsey Michele

Another creator from the US, Lindsey Michele, is a gamer who enjoys cosplay. She has a lot of gaming content but also creates beginner, no sew costume content on Youtube. I came across Lindsey when a few of her videos were recommended to me and I am always so tempted to recreate some of her costumes and looks. 
To go with our The Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes post, one of Lindsey's most viewed videos on YouTube is her no sew Oogie Boogie costume tutorial. I have seen so many recreations of this on Instagram and TikTok and I may have bought yards of burlap which is currently sitting in my loft...

Oogie Boogie

How incredible is this?! Oogie Boogie is one of those iconic Disney Halloween characters, so much so that Disney has an Oogie Boogie bash every year. I like this costume for those who don't like using or putting on a lot of face makeup, or those who like to be the one who stays at home on Halloween night to hand out sweets to trick or treaters. This being a no sew is the cherry on the top. I think the only hurdle would be the mask, but even still, the tutorial is very beginner friendly.

Alexys Fleming

I think everyone who loves cosplay, fx makeup and bodypainting will know Alexys Fleming. Alexys has gained over 2.6 million followers on YouTube under the username MadeYewLook and creates some amazing, weird and wonderful makeup / bodypaint looks. I have been a subscriber since 2013 and I'm always in awe of her talent. Her content is always taking it to the next level. Another US creator, I remember receiving the notification to say this video had been uploaded. I'll be coming back to Alexys in a future post, but as this is about The Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes, we will be moving on to a piece she created.

The Mayor Of Halloween Town

Titled as her most creative makeup ever, Alexys takes a lampshade to create The Mayor Of Halloween Town costume. This is genius. Of course, to be warmer, wearing the clothing part of the costume rather than painting would be advised. It would just be a simple suit with a ribbon badge. As she says in the video, you may need to cut the eyes out to see, but, I think it can be doable without that step too. This is another costume piece I am so tempted to recreate. I also think that if you are not as confident about drawing and painting the design, you could always use vinyl to recreate this. 

Well, what do you think? There are some amazingly talented people out there and I honestly cannot wait to see what they create for us this year. All social media links can be found below. Please, please, please remember that if you do recreate one of these looks or are inspired by another creator, credit them for it.

Rachel Maksy - Youtube | Instagram
Lindsey Michele - Youtube | Instagram
Alexys Fleming - Youtube | Instagram

As always, thanks for reading...

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