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Sunday, 9 October 2022

Horror Movie Characters // Creator Edition

You may be thinking, I want to join in with the Halloween dress up, but I want to do more than just buy a costume. Well, the internet is full of talented people and I've got three who have done some amazing makeup transformations of horror movie characters.

Holly Murray

Holly, a UK TikToker and Instagrammer, is a self-taught makeup artist and face painter. She also has looks that require latex pieces. I found Holly through TikTok when she did this absolutely amazing Groot look and I fell down the rabbit hole. Her facial expressions and choice of sounds to use show just how much talent and thought goes into her videos. She has done many character looks but there are a few of those horror movie characters that are just *chefs kiss*. You would not know Holly is self-taught, her talent is incredible.


Annabelle is a classic and easy look. Bonus if you have the same hair, so you don't have to buy the wig! I like looks like this, as wearing a long sleeved white dress and ribbon sash, is the simple part and all the emphasis is on the time you took with the makeup. I love how Holly added contacts here for that extra creepy effect. If your little one can sit well for makeup like this (minus contacts, of course) it would definitely add to the creep factor. Want a doll for Christmas? How about for Halloween?

Billy The Puppet

Holly is known to paint on the outfits, but even if you wear a suit, the face makeup alone is easy to recreate and so effective. The shading done around the eyes and eyebrows, for the furrowed evil look, is something most people wouldn't think of. I have seen many Billy The Puppet tutorials where it's a white face, red swirls on the cheek and a black wig. I love the extra steps taken.

Pennywise The Dancing Clown

This whole video, I can watch over and over again. This is a little more complex in the body painting and you may need to read up on how best to use latex pieces, but when I saw the end result, I could not believe it was Holly. I love Pennywise and with the reboot of the IT films, it has become a go to for Halloween in the horror movie character world. This is a look that you would need the costume for, for the full effect.

Alexys Fleming

We're back with Alexys. I mentioned in the last Creator Edition post how Alexys is known on Youtube as MadeYewLook and gained an amazing following. Based in the US, her sfx makeup and body painting is extraordinary. There are many character looks and series like the seven deadly sins, where she's showcased her talent. For Halloween, she has recreated horror movie characters, both film and story-based. Here are a few I really liked. 


When researching, there aren't that many simple werewolf tutorials where the hair is strategically placed to create the look. I wouldn't want to go out with a face full of hair, especially if I'm out partying. It would get really hot and itchy real fast. The contacts and fangs add to the overall look so well and this is something that I feel those who don't wear makeup a lot of the time wouldn't feel too buried in. I also like this for a child if they want to go as a werewolf. Again, minus the contacts of course.


Chucky is another iconic horror movie character. There are so many tutorials but I love this double effect look, as pre-killer Chucky and killer Chucky. Not everyone who wants to go as a horror movie character wants to do the fake blood look, so I like the choice. I love how this is all done with body paint. Of course, you may wear the costume which limits the number of colours used for the face. 

Freddy Vs Jason

This definitely is a slasher masher! This is genius, this is one of those looks Alexys has done where if you are doing just the face, only white body paint is needed. The rest is cosmetics. I love the effect this has just by mixing a few eyeshadows and shading. Can't decide whether to go as Freddy or Jason? Why not go as both! So effective and one of my favourite by Alexys.

Shonagh Scott

Shonagh Scott is a professional makeup artist who has a wide range of content on YouTube. Based in the UK, I found Shonagh recently as she had just got married at Disney World. Congratulations! I then spent hours going through all her different videos and tutorials and bookmarked that many, I have a dedicated folder! I love how she explains every step, she has such a lovely personality and one thing she has done with many of her videos, is use a model. Perfect for parents doing their kid's Halloween makeup.


Frankenstein's Monster is one of those makeup looks that can be done so simply and so effectively. Using foam latex to make the forehead and chin prominent, then sunk the cheeks and eyes, which is emphasised with makeup. Shonagh also has videos on applying latex pieces, using wig caps...etc in more detail, so if you are a little nervous using pieces like that, she's got you covered. This is my favourite Frankenstein's Monster look on YouTube.

Pumpkin Face

Shonagh has done many collaborations. With the cost of living crisis, I found this video from 4 years ago where she used Wilko products to create a Halloween look. Pumpkin faces are becoming a lot more popular, films like Pumpkinhead have built a cult following in recent years, and of course, the pumpkin on the original Halloween movie poster is iconic. This is the perfect look that is affordable, effective, great for beginners and easy to pair with a black outfit. I had a look on the wilkos website and they still do makeup like in the video and they have expanded on their makeup range. Meaning liners and eyeshadows are as affordable and effective for a look like this.


I love how Shonagh involves her family in her videos, and thinks of her viewers with kids. I said previously that I like how Shonagh explains each step, but for children she gives a reason for every part of the look and you know a child is more likely the one to ask "why are you doing that?". A vampire is an iconic horror character and one of the first kids are introduced too from a younger age in films like Hotel Transylvania and TV series like Vampirina. It's also a more cost-effective character to choose over licensed character costumes. Bonus!

Well, what do you think? There are some amazingly talented people out there and I honestly cannot wait to see what they create for us this year. All social media links can be found below. Please, please, please remember that if you do recreate one of these looks or are inspired by another creator, credit them for it.

Holly Murray - Youtube | Instagram
Alexys Fleming - Youtube | Instagram
Shonagh Scott - Youtube | Instagram

As always, thanks for reading...

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