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Friday, 23 September 2022

Wanting To Buy It All // Asda's Halloween & Autumnal Bedding Range

It's the first day of Autumn 😊🍁

I have seen many companies release their Autumnal and Halloween ranges and I've been so impressed with all the bedding designs. The average person will spend 30% of their time sleeping and with the colder weather coming in, we should be cosy as well as stylish. I have always been a huge fan of Asda, their designs, quality, and price always have me coming back. They also wash really well and retain their shape and colours. Asda is also one of the few brands that always include those seasonal patterned fleece bedding sets which I know quite a few people prefer as it saves having to put the heating on. 

To clarify, this is not a sponsored post.

Halloween Bedding 

I feel like Halloween Bedding is for those who love Halloween or are big kids. I fall into both of those categories and want it all. I especially love how they've incorporated licensed characters into the designs. I know the UK comes across as not as big on Halloween because it is seen as being an American custom. But, it was actually Irish and Scottish migrants that brought the customs to the USA and those customs have been celebrated in Ireland and Scotland for centuries. Which is why I feel a lot of people like to reach for Halloween-influenced items at this time of year.

Autumnal Bedding

But, if Halloween really isn't for you, this is such a stunning Autumnal range. The brilliant thing about Asda, is that you'll always find curtains to match or go with their bedding sets, find matching sheets and accessories like throws or pillows. You can easily put together a full set; duvet cover, sheets, pillowcases, a throw, a decorative cushion and curtains for around £100 or less. Over the last 8 years, I have bought some Grey and Mustard curtains and always been able to find bedding sets to match them. Already looking through these sets, there are so many I want to snap up.

Just to note: Some items may be out of stock, I am unsure whether stock will come back in before Autumn and Halloween are over. You would need to ask your local Asda store. 

As always, thanks for reading...

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