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Friday, 2 September 2022

Decléor Advent Calendar // Calendar Countdown

Decléor Advent Calendar - £125.00

What Do The Brand Say About The Advent Calendar?

The brand say; "Give the gift of self-care with Decléor products, powered by Essential Oil Skincare. This season, open the doors and reconnect with yourself with our range of innovative products. Unlock the doors of Decléor's advent calendar and reveal our best-selling beauty products to experience the power of Essential Oils skincare. 24 Retail & Deluxe Size products to discover your complete beauty personalised skincare routine".

Contents List

- Decléor Headband
- Rosemary White Daily Care (50ml)
- Green Mandarin Sun-kissed Cream (15ml)
- Neroli Bigarade Hydrating Facial Toner (50ml)
- Neroli Bigarade Aromessence Serum (4ml)
- Green Mandarin Night Balm (2.5ml)
- Green Mandarin Aromessence (4ml)
- Green Mandarin Vitamin Glow Cream (2ml)
- Neroli Bigarade Cleansing Mousse (50ml)
- Neroli Bigarade Light Day Cream (2ml)
- Neroli Bigarade Bath & Shower Gel (50ml)
- White Magnolia Rosy Cream (15ml)
- White Magnolia Hand Cream (50ml)
- Plum Eye Cream (15ml)
- Green Mandarin Scrub Mask (15ml)
- White Magnolia Aromessence (4ml)
- Neroli Bigarade Night Balm (2.5ml)
- Antidote Advanced Concentrate (0.7ml)
- Lavender Fine Aromessence (15ml)
- Lavender Fine Night Balm (15ml)
- Cica Mask (50ml)
- Sweet Orange Sleeping Mask (50ml)
- Cornflower Eye Gel (15ml)
- Rosemary Black Clay Mask (15ml)

How Many Product Are Repeats?

There are 17 repeated products in this advent calendar (highlighted above). They have decreased the number of accesories and still managed to have over half the contents as repeats.

What Is Different To Last Year?

They've gone with this gorgeous illustration on the front and decided to stick with the brands colour scheme rather than the white and gold we saw last year. I have noticed that, even within the repeats, the sizes of products have swapped so you will get a full sized product that you had a sample size of last year. I've also noticed that the sample sizes have gotten smaller.

My Thoughts

With a £125.00 price tag, it's another £5.00 increase on last year. The worth has gone from £417.00 to £488.00, which is a tidy saving. I'm very on the fence when it comes to this calendar. I've noticed some of the repeats have swapped sizes, like brands do, so one year the cleanser was a sample size and this year it's full sized. It's easy to see where the extra worth has come from because of that. I'm more shocked to see some items go from 5ml to 4ml and for there to still be this high worth, this £5.00 increase and a high number of repeats. I think fans of Decleor wouldn't mind the same price or same worth to have newer items. I'd purchase this if you know you'd get use of everything. 

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