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Tuesday, 6 September 2022

10 Autumnal & 10 Halloween Blog Ideas For 2022

September is here!

The month brings kids back to school and university or just starting. It's an exciting month for one that comes towards the end of the year and for the fellow content creators out there I thought this post might prove useful. Or even, for those who like to use their social media like a diary, this may give you some ideas.

10 Autumnal Blog Ideas

1. What you love about Autumn - This could be anything from the weather to local events.
2. Favourite cosy outfits - Jumpers, cardigans, pjs... whatever you feel is the cosiest.
3. Homemade pumpkin spice - Do you have your own recipe? or are the ones you've seen you'd like to try?
4. Decor pieces - Share some you already have or did you purchase some new ones?
5. Hauls - Clothing, makeup, skincare... a seasonal change means a makeover.
6. A visit to the Pumpkin Patch - Make a photo diary of it.
7. Autumnal TV - Many tv series start during the autumnal months, looking forward to The Great British Bake Off myself!
8. Best hearty meals for the colder weather - Beef stew is at the top of the list.
9. Autumn candles - Can you ever have too many?
10. Photography ideas - Share tue best ways you capture the season changing.

10 Halloween Blog Ideas

1. Have a pumpkin carving party - Whether with family or getting some friends round.
2. Halloween makeup tutorials - Maybe a traditional Halloween character like Frankenstein?
3. Craft activities - There's nothing like making paper spiderwebs.
4. DIY costumes - Talk about ones you've made yourself or ones you've seen.
5. Halloween treats - There are a lot of stores who have the on sale or can you bake better?
6. Movies watchlist - Horror? Family? or a bit of both?
7. Halloween music - Is there a specific category for it? Who would you like to see release a Halloween album?
8. Tips to throw a Halloween party - For family, friends or children.
9. Date night ideas - Halloween doesn't have to be about costume parties.
10. What is your opinion on trick or treating? - Did you go as a child? 

As always, thanks for reading...

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