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Wednesday, 31 August 2022

The August Review 2022 Masterlist & What's Coming Next...

The August Review Masterlist

What's Coming Next

Autumn and Halloween is upon us and I can see the serotonin boost already. I have a few different posts planned this year. I won't be doing any Halloween makeup or looks this year but instead will be sharing looks and tutorials from other creators who certainly do it better. 

Calendar Countdown will be back. Last year, advent calendars were released and sold very quickly and, as always, I'll try my best to let you know about them. I started reviewing beauty advent calendars back in 2014 and Calendar Countdown as a series came later in 2016, where I started including toy advents, jewellery advents and more. With my 8th year of reviewing, I am starting to find it harder and hitting more walls. 

Calendar Countdown is simply a comparative review of the calendar's contents, design and price of the previous years. I give my opinion on who it would be suitable for and if, in some cases, spending over £100 is worth it. In preparation for Calendar Countdown, I email a lot of different companies and even post letters asking for information. I ask if they are releasing a calendar or multiple calendars, I ask if it's possible to have access to release dates, contents lists and high res promotional images. That's all. Every year, I would say, out of 70+ companies, I receive help from about 10 and I am always so thankful. With some companies, I get emails about how they already have a press release list of people or they cannot give the information out yet. That's no problem, completely understandable. With a few, I do get very nasty emails back about how they do not just give out "freebies". This is where I want to make it clear, I never have and never will ask for "freebies" for my reviews and I feel very upset that companies come right out and accuse me of doing so when I am specific in the email. 

It's disheartening. I work very hard on this series and I don't expect anything from them. I can see the other side of how companies must be inundated with emails asking for freebies, but, I have been emailing the same email each year and I find it difficult to have someone read it this year and draw that conclusion.
It's that old saying of "you don't know if you don't ask", but what I do expect, is for them to be as courteous as I am to them. I have been offered advent calendars before but never taken them. This series is an outside looking-in perspective, almost like a gift guide. I'm worried that having the calendar could change how I then discuss it. Also, say if every company sent me their calendars, what would I do with them all? For me, it's a waste. I wouldn't use all the products and, although I could gift or donate them, I'd feel bad that I had this advent calendar that someone else could have gotten. I have the same feeling and opinion when I do Halloween posts about costumes. Why would I purchase lots of costumes to review and not use them. Someone else could have really wanted them. 

I hope you enjoyed reading The August Review posts this year and will continue to follow me on my little space on the internet.

As always, thanks for reading...

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