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Sunday, 7 August 2022

Sunday Pub Lunch, Running Through Sprinklers, The August Review & Halloween...Already?!

Last weekend, my brother arrived back home for a visit. He and my dad managed to get tickets to the rugby as part of the Commonwealth Games. It's always nice having my brother home, even when he helps himself to my junk food stash. On Sunday we went out for a Sunday roast at a local pub. Well, everyone else had a traditional Sunday roast, I had a burger. It was such a lovely warm day so I didn't fancy a gravy dinner. Conversation, laughs and good food ensued. It was the perfect way to end last week.

During this week, I worked away at Novella Prints, at the blog, and generally tried to get back in the swing of things. On Wednesday, we had my little cousin with us for the day. We geeked out over Harry Potter, made stickers with the silhouette and took a trip to the local garden centre, where she got soaked from head to toe. Watching her running through the sprinklers, giggling...it makes you want to be carefree and just go for it.

Over the week, I released three of the twelve reviews for The August Review. I've been so happy with the response and hope you carry on following this series.

Through TikTok and YouTube, I've noticed a lot of shops have started to get their Halloween stock in and I've seen many tweets or comments proclaiming, Halloween already?! Yes! Halloween always! 
Seriously, with autumn just around the corner, I will be putting up a few Halloween posts for those who may need to plan in advance, as things like costumes can take time to make or time to find.

As always, thanks for reading...

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