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Sunday, 21 August 2022

Missing Puzzle Pieces, Origami, Horror Films & A Saturday With Friends

It's been a busy week again. 

With the heatwave the week before, I didn't get as much as I'd like done. So, of course, I decided to spend all of last Sunday doing a jigsaw puzzle. It ended with the universe gifting me a missing puzzle piece. If you ever needed another reason to not procrastinate... 

Come Monday, I was working mostly on Novella Prints. I have a Halloween launch coming and new products which is all very exciting. But, the weather was still warm and muggy, so come Tuesday I did some blog work in the morning and took the rest of the day to spend with my little cousin. We had so much fun, making origami, doing a different jigsaw puzzle and filling up with spaghetti bolognese. If going through ten years of IBD and a global pandemic has taught me anything, it's taking more time for fun.

With all the Halloween prep work, I've been binging Halloween and classic Horror movies alongside; Scream, Halloween, Friday The 13th, Sleepy Hollow... you name it. I decided this coming week I'll finally try and watch Last Night in Soho. I love Edgar Wright films and that one has been on my list for so long. 

Yesterday was a lovely day and one very much needed and overdue. Spending time with my friends, Josh and Janine, we ordered a lovely lunch, had a catch up and introduced Janine to the Scream franchise with the first film. It's very quickly becoming my favourite part of the year and now I'm getting stronger health wise and gaining more confidence, there is so much more to enjoy with my friends. The FOMO feeling is one I've had for so long and this year, hopefully, I won't feel it as often.

As always, thanks for reading...

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