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Monday, 15 August 2022

Fresh Cleanse & Mask Duo Gift Set // The August Review

Fresh Cleanse & Mask Duo Gift Set - RRP £19.00

The brand describes the product as; "This Cleanse & Mask Duo set from Fresh features samples of two of the brand's bestselling products, incorporating powerful formulas that provide relief and restoration to dehydrated skin. The Rose Face Mask utilises real rose petals to balance and soothe the skin, while the renowned Soy Face Cleanser deeply clarifies the skin for a more even and radiant tone".

Pros (Cleanser)

- Lathers well.
- Gave an even skin tone.
- Unclogged pores well.
- Got rid of dry patches.

Cons (Cleanser)

- Personally, not one of my favourite scents when it comes to the cleanser. 
- Can feel like it's pulling the skin.

Pros (Mask)

- Smells amazing
- Hydrating.
- Brightening. 
- Soothing.
- Works for underarms too.

Cons (Mask)


The Verdict

The cleanser has me at a "50/50" when it comes to whether I'll purchase it again or not. For me, the smell is too overpowering to want to enjoy the product as part of my skincare routine. But, I've never had a cleanser give me such an even skin tone.
I recommend the mask, 100%. I saw such a change in my skin, just from three uses a week, that I've already repurchased this as a bigger tub. When I saw the affect it had on my face, I decided to use it on my underarms. I have dark patches and dry skin there from shaving and to say they are transformed is an understatement. Yes, the area is still a little dark, that will be something I'd need clinical intervention to sort, but how smooth and hydrated they are has made me so happy.

As always, thanks for reading...

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