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Sunday, 31 July 2022

Winnie The Witch, Dinosaur Hunting, The Blitz Museum & The August Review

I've spoken many times before about what I have missed out on because of having IBD. This week was one of family, and I can't wait to have more weeks like this.

Winnie The Witch

Starting last Sunday, I caught up with my dad's side of the family as we celebrated my little cousin's 3rd birthday. It was a lovely day and I was able to hug and chat with one of my cousins who I hadn't seen in about 4 years. Watching the little one opening presents, jumping around on a bouncy castle and conversing, I hadn't seen her since Christmas and, they do grow up so quick.
When I was a kid, my Auntie bought me lots of "Winnie The Witch" books by Valerie Thomas & Korky Paul. I remember not only reading them with her, but my parents, grandparents... Winnie and her cat Wilbur are imprinted on my childhood love of reading. When my cousin welcomed her daughter and as Christmas's and Birthdays came around, I immediately knew that passing on those books to her was a must. Last Christmas, we bought her "Winnie and Wilbur Meet Santa", which she loved, and so, for her 3rd Birthday last week we found a compilation of 16 Winnie The Witch books to give her. She loved them (my Auntie did too!) and it was one of those moments where you're not just sharing a love you had as a child, but sharing a memory. I highly recommend looking at your childhood when it comes to gift ideas. 

Dinosaur Hunting & The Blitz Museum

During the week we had one of my other little cousins with us for the day. A trip into town with a girls lunch out, we started by going Dinosaur hunting. West Orchards shopping centre in Coventry has set up a Dino Trail (ending 11th September 2022) where you have to find them all! You can access the website to download, or pick up whilst there, an activity sheet and enter the competition to win £100 in shopping vouchers. 
We decided to just follow the trail round, taking pictures as we went. She loves dinosaurs, and was able to teach me which one was which. Although, I'll still call it a long neck as I cannot pronounce it's actual name as well as she can. It was the perfect start to our day. 
Because of Covid, lots of children like her missed out on the local school trips and she'd never seen Coventry Cathedral. On arrival, we found they had a Blitz Museum. It's free, completely run by volunteers and is a flashback to the 1940s. You start with a DVD and a talk about Coventry during World War Two and the fateful night the cathedral was bombed, before moving onto the displays and artifacts where you can pick anything up, try anything on and discover more. As a fellow lover of history, on our way to lunch she had so many questions and wanted to learn more. 

Finishing with lunch at the Cosy Club (another restaurant ticked off my list) and a bit of shopping, we ended up having a really fun day. I can't wait to take her out again to learn about our city's history. 

The August Review

August begins tomorrow and this year I have 12 products to review for you, including one which is a re-review that I'm excited to share.

As always, thanks for reading...

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