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Monday, 6 June 2022

Overcoming Covid, 30 Days Post Surgery & A Platinum Jubilee

When I uploaded my last post "Starting Life At 30" I had mentioned how I felt a little under the weather and thought I'd come back from hospital with a cold, I actually had covid. After 2 & 1/2 years of shielding and dodging, I caught it just after my life changing surgery. Almost sarcastically poetic hey? For me, it was hell. Thank god I had 4 vaccines by then.

It's now been just over 30 days post surgery and it has been a month of learning. When Stitch 1.0 was formed, handling him was a breeze. His stitches dissolved quickly, he shrunk to his size gradually and it didn't take too long to work out why I was having leaks. Even as we went into the pandemic, I had amazing support from my stoma nurses, but I didn't need to contact them often. This time round has left me needing to call and email a lot more. Stitch 2.0 has been a little bugger. I had an in person appointment with my stoma nurses who thankfully took most of his stitches out, managed to steer me in the right direction of which bag to use and help better with cutting the right size for him. Cutting the bag to the right size is something I'm still having a few blips with now and then, but he hasn't shrunk to his size just yet and there are a few stitches left I'm waiting to dissolve. Overall, my recovery is going well. I still feel dog tired but after speaking to others, suspect that's from having covid. My surgical incisions are healing up well and I am now waiting to be signed off.   

One thing I was very happy about, was being able to join in with the celebrations for her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee... despite being a complete washout weather wise.
With having IBD and being so sick, I missed out on a lot. Family functions, friends parties, concerts...any celebration or event. I also missed hosting. Having two of my friends join our street party, I decided to put on a buffet lunch beforehand. I had the most wonderful time, catching up with friends and my neighbours. When those with chronic illnesses say it can leave you housebound, it really does. Some of my neighbours, who live only 5 or 6 houses down, I hadn't seen in years!
To top it all off, the work that went into the Trooping The Colour, The Concert, The Pageant... all of it, was amazing. To be apart of something, to not have any FOMO and create memories during something so historic, it's early days, but I am living my life. It shows that with this surgery, I made the right decision. 

As always, thanks for reading...

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