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Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Gift Ideas For Children // Gift Guide // Holidays With Hannah

Over the years, I feel like I've touched on a lot of different areas when it comes to gift guides. 
For children there is always going to be, the latest character from a show / movie or the latest collectable. I decided for this years gift guides to give an insight into my thoughts when Christmas shopping and show how I think and plan when putting things together. 

Themed Boxes & Crates

Themed gifts is something I've done the past few years as it's easier to then focus on each person. With children, it makes it personal to them but can also create that "something the same but different" amongst siblings. For example, Marvel theme vs My Little Pony. Each box or crate gets a plush and some colouring or arts and crafts pieces. Over the years I've done themes such as; Marvel, Pokémon, Shopkins, Arts & Crafts, Secret Agents, Animals...the list is endless. Ironically, I take so many photos but not many of the gifts as the oldest children in particular may come across them playing on my phone, So here are two photos I've found of themed boxes I've done before.
The box on the left is a "Cosy Box" I put these together for the older children / teenagers. Each one had a throw, a bathing set, comfy socks, hot water bottle and snacks. I was able to personalise with the bathing sets, with the snacks and with the colour of the throws. Each one came to £20.00. 
The Shopkins box had books, craft items and small toys that were all Shopkins themed. Then wrapped with the Shopkins paper because that year, you couldn't get enough of them. All the items in here came to £20.00 as well. 
There's also the simple idea of Art Boxes which I've done quite a few times. 
Here I chose The Works as an example, but you can pick items up in shops like B&M, Home Bargains, Poundland...etc. that are cheap and cheerful. All the items above came to £32.00 but you can easily pick 10 items and it cost £20.00 or less. 
Smaller children (especially) love to just sit and open things, so wrapping the items individually (like I did with the Shopkins box above) gives them a fun time and you a chance to pop the kettle on. 

Progression Gifts

Progression Gifts are what it says on the tin, gifts to help children with reading, writing, talking...etc. There are two brilliant companies, VTech and Leapfrog that I would always recommend. 
The top three items are from VTech and the bottom three from Leapfrog.
Each one has a learning benefit, numbers, phonics, reading, but what I love about these items in particular is keeping the imaginative side to play. The other reason I look to progression toys is to be part of their learning and also give them something they can play with solely (if an only child) or with their siblings, parents, friends or myself. I will say a lot of these toys need batteries and although you get some try me ones, I always like to pick up an extra set. The other thing I like to keep in mind with these gifts is the age guide. Each child is different and will learn at their own pace so don't let the age guide either restrict or waver you in any way. 

Christmas Eve Boxes

This is something that you'll find parents or grandparents would normally do but I asked for my family to be the ones to do them because the age of the children is wide. Now the oldest are teenagers and would like money and vouchers, it's always something to wrap up for them. They have something they can open alongside their sibling(s) and join in with them. It's not something that has to be full on small gifts, activities, pyjamas, movies, sweets...etc it could just be the popcorn and snacks but I always have an ornament tradition that I incorporate into this. 


Since the children were small, I bought or made an ornaments for them. That way when they are older and have their own house and their own tree, they have some decorations that reflect them and their life to put on. Starting with a My First Christmas Baubles to photo baubles to character based ones, it's a very simple gift idea that has a huge impact. 
In the picture above, the bauble on the left had pictures of each child on the other side.

I'd love to know what you are up to this Christmas or of any gift ideas you have. Leave a comment below or you can find me on  FacebookTwitter & Instagram

As always, thanks for reading...

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