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Sunday, 29 August 2021

The August Review 2021 Masterlist & Whats To Come Next...

The August Review Masterlist

What's To Come Next...

In 2019, I had asked people if they wanted to have the Calendar Countdown as content during the month of November or to be spread across from when the advents start to be released to the end of November. A lot of you said you wanted to know as soon as or even before the release date of the calendar. 
Advent Calendars are being released even earlier than previous years and with them selling out fast I will try my best to review as many as I can.
Calendar Countdown is about comparing the advent in design, contents and price to the previous years so you can decide whether the advent will be right for you or for who you are thinking of gifting it to. 
I also have a few ideas for Fall and Halloween content but I am trying to keep covid in mind. There is a lot of speculation about restrictions and/or lockdowns so we will see how that plays out. This means there is going to be such a mix of content and I'm excited for it.

I really hope you enjoyed reading The August Review posts this year and will continue to read the content planned over the next couple of months.

As always, thanks for reading...

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