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Thursday, 3 September 2020

Lush Advent Calendar // Calendar Countdown

The Lush Advent Calendar was something I wrote about differently last year. I opened a discussion about how I feel Lush have overcharged when it comes to their gifting ranges and how last year created this hype by making such a small number of them. This is their second year releasing a full 24 day advent. They've released a gift set called the 12 Days Of Christmas before, never advertised it as an advent, but Lush fans used it as one.


Christmas Eve Bubble Bath
Dream Cream Body Lotion
Coconut Snow Body Lotion
Orange Shower Scrub
Snow Fairy Shampoo Bar
Sakura Body Lotion
Candy Cane Bubble Bar
Bombardino Bath Bomb
Retro Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb
Abombinaball Bath Bomb
Ponche Shower Gel
Salt and Peppermint Bark
Celebrate Body Milk
Yog Nog Shower Gel
Sleepy Shower Cream
Sleepy Bubble Bar
Candy Cane Lip Scrub
Shooting Stars Gift Soap
Golden Pear Soap
Kinky Boots Bubble Bar
Twilight Bath Bomb
Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
I Want A Hippo Bath Bomb
Fresh As Perfume

How is it different to last years?

With only 2 repeated products there has been some significant changes to the advent this year. Structurley, instead of the chest of drawers it comes as a chest box with two layers. Each one has a scored window to pierce for each day and comes with tissue paper to help keep the product from breaking. This year they haven't advertised it as being one of so many, the 500 units only last year was a difficult concept for me to get my head around. 500 for all the Lush fans in the UK. Most brands up their production to keep up with demand not create an online bidding war. I saw a few eBay posts where it was double the price. I don't know how long it will be around for this year but if your interested I'd get one whilst you can.

Is it worth the price?

They've decreased the price from £195.00 to £185.00 but still haven't released their Christmas range alongside it. Because of this, I am unable to add up the price of the contents to see if it is worth the money. With the structure they've included you would expect some of the cost to be towards it, how much is the question. Past actions have shown they've marked up packaging before so I wouldn't be surprised if it would be cheaper to buy the items separately and put them in a nice gift box yourself. If you divide 185 by 8.72 (the national minimum wage for 25+) you get 21.21 (recurring). If you work an average of 40 hours a week, half of your work week would pay for it. I wouldn't recommend this until you are able to work out exactly what you are paying for and are sure you would get use from each item.

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