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Monday, 7 September 2020

Fall Fashion 2020 // Collectif Wishlist

As of yet, only some of the seasonal wear has been released by most retailers so I may do a second wishlist. This time rather than have a few brands I chose to pick a few items from one, Collectif, as I've really come to admire the vintage aesthetic for fall.

Collectif is a vintage inspired retailer that creates pieces with a 40's and 50's flair to a modern fashion world. I found Collectif through Facebook and discovered they've been doing collaborations with a host of different brands, including Modcloth, which is a favourite of mine. I took the leap at the beginning of the year and ordered a few pieces as I was unsure with my impending surgery date where my stoma would be placed and what would still come to fit when I had my bag. Nonetheless, the items fit and ended up working with my stoma. 

When I had an email about their Autumn collection I instantly was drawn to a few pieces.

I love the range of colours, I like that they include shoes and I am obsessed with how autumnal I feel just by looking at these pieces. 
A lot of these items are selling quickly, so have a look and see if there is something you'd like to treat yourself to. They also do "mens clothing" and some of the knitwear is especially autumnal and gorgeous.

As always, thanks for reading...

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