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Friday, 28 August 2020

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Invisible Fluid SPF 50+ Sun Cream // The August Review

La -Roche Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Invisible Fluid SPF 50+ Sun Cream

Quite the mouthful of a product title! Although we were in lockdown, being lucky enough to have a garden and working from home, where I am in front of a window, I needed a good SPF. I went with an SPF 50+ as I am on two medications that come with an increased risk of skin cancer from sun exposure. The product description says: 
"Specially formulated for sensitive skin. This broad spectrum SPF 50+ high protection fluid is resistant to water, sweat and sand. An easy to apply fluid formula that is non-greasy and does not leave white marks, Does not migrate. Non eye-stinging. Broad, photostable UVA/UVB protection."


- Sinks quickly into skin.
- Doesn't feel heavy.
- Doesn't leave a white cast
- Thin texture that isn't a greasy or oily.
- Doesn't flare up the redness on my face or sting.
- Creates a smooth base to apply makeup on top of.


- On the pricier side.

The Verdict

This is one of those purchases that I took a gamble with. It is on the pricier side in comparison to other face SPF but I was finding that the more budget friendly ones were leaving my face stinging and the redness flaring. I have had no issues with this and in comparison to other brands I've used the past year, I actually have found I didn't catch the sun with this SPF. Others I've still managed to catch a bit of a glow, with this I'm still my usual pale self. I highly recommend this.

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