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Thursday, 6 August 2020

Jordan Samuel Skin The After Show Treatment Cleanser // The August Review

Jordan Samuel Skin The After Show Treatment Cleanser

Please excuse the battered tube in the picture! Back in May I watched as Caroline Hirons released her Spring Kit and although I really wanted one, I stripped back to basics with my skincare and was reading and learning more. I am part of her Freaks Group on Facebook and saw lots of positive comments about this cleanser. With the Cerave one near running out I ordered the smaller size of this from Cult Beauty. As you can see I've since repurchased!
The product description says:
"Lifting even the heaviest stage makeup with a nourishing blend of oils, Jordan Samuel Skin's The After Show Treatment Cleanser wipes your skin slate clean, leaving it primed for the rest of your routine.
Perfect for combination and dry skin types, this luxurious (and vegan!) gel-to-oil formula melts away makeup and SPF while lifting any dirt and grime that threatens to clog your pores. A trio of plant-based, antioxidant-rich oils - from olive and grape seed to jojoba- gets to work shifting stubbin makeup without strippeing your skin of essential moisture. Delivery a gentle exfoliating action, sugar cane extract is a natural fruit acid that grants a gorgeously smooth complexion, while sucrose laurate acts as a gentle emulsifier to make the cleanse gloriously rich."


- A little goes a long way.
- Affordable.
- Can use as an AM & PM cleanser.
- You can use this as a first cleanser but I in the evening I prefer to use this as my second cleanse.
- No strong scent.
- Washes away makeup.
- Washes away SPF.
- Lovely texture and although a gel to oil formula it's not too oily, if that makes sense!
- Have seen improvement in my dry skin.
- Skin doesn't feel taut after use.
- Facial redness doesn't come up as often and but subsides quickly when it does.
- Comes in a sensitive skin formula.


- None!

The Verdict

I can 100% see why this was raved about so much. When I repurchased this after using the sample size I did go for the sensitive skin option and that was only because I knew this would be my AM only cleanse and PM second cleanse and didn't want to be overly stripping towards my skin. This is one of those all round products that you can recommend to most as they cater to normal and sensitive skin and are vegan! Highly, highly recommend.

As always, thanks for reading...

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