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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Trick Or Treaters & Treat Bags For Halloween // Halloween With Hannah

Every year I put together treat bags for some of the children in my family. Last year I decided to put together some little ones for Trick or Treaters. 
With Halloween 2 days away I've put together a post with both styles of treat bags. You could use these for family, friends, trick or treaters or even work colleagues.

Trick Or Treaters

Here is a photo of what I accumulated for the Trick Or Treaters. I did have some temporary tattoos I managed to pick up in the Halloween Sale last year but I couldn't find where I put them. If I find them by Halloween I'll just hand them out to kids who want one. 
I picked up the little cellophane bags, spiders and balloons from eBay, the marshmallows from Tesco and the tubs of sweets from Monmore Confectionery.
This was about half way through. I obviously wore latex free gloves when packing as they were loose sweets. The only thing I think I'll change for next year is the bags. These have the little plastic cover which you pull off to reveal the sticky closing tab. They were filled with static and stuck everywhere you didn't want them. It took me a while sealing them up because of this. 
All finished! I got the Trick or Treat bowl from Wilko's and just managed to squeeze in the 100 treat bags. I was going to do more as 100 of them went within an hour last year. I thought doing the same number this year will help gauge if I'll need to do more next Halloween.

Treat Bags (Older Kids)

Here is the haul of bits I had for the older kids. Again I had some items I picked up or had left over from last year as well as some new pieces. I didn't end up using all what is seen here.
I ended up using some cellophane bags from last year instead of the character paper bags. I found the stack of cups at Tesco for £2 and really wanted to use them. 
Baker Ross is a fantastic website for bag fillers as well as arts and crafts pieces (They currently have a brilliant clearance sale so take a look before it all goes!).
The little sliding puzzles, pull back racers and yo-yos came in great pack sizes that were affordable. Just what I was after. They went into the cups with some of the fake spiders and balloons left over from the trick or treater bags. 
I then packaged them up in the cellophane bags alongs side the packs of Teeth & Lips and Halloween Haribo. 
When I put them all together the only thing I didn't managed to add was the ribbon as I am waiting it to be delivered. 

Treat Bags (Baby / Toddler)

With my cousins little boy only being a few months old I picked up this lovely trick or treat outfit to go with a packet of white buttons and little pink wind up elephant.  
I rolled up the onesie and put it in the cup and packaged it in the same cellophane bag with the sweets. The elephant unfortunately wouldn't fit but I can always give that separately. 

And they are all done! I hope something like this can help you whether you have children in your family and friend groups, want to do something for your trick or treaters or you are throwing a Halloween party at home or school. 

As always, thanks for reading...

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