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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Clarins (Womens) 12 Days Of Christmas Advent Calendar // Calendar Countdown

The Clarins (Womens) 12 Days Of Christmas Advent Calendar is back again with a mix of skincare and beauty items. Priced at £60.00 it is available on their brand website and other retailers.


  • SOS Primer 00 Universal Light 30ml
  • Instant Light Lip Perfector - 01 Rose Shimmer 12ml
  • Beauty Flash Balm 30ml
  • Instant Eye Make-Up Remover 30ml
  • SOS Hydra Mask 15ml
  • Gentle Foaming Cleanser 30ml
  • Fresh Face Scrub 15ml
  • Hand and Nail Treatment Cream 30ml
  • Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch 4ml
  • Wonder Perfect 4D Mascara 3ml
  • Crayon Kohl Black 0.25ml
  • Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil - 01 Honey 5ml
*Highlighted products are repeats from last years Advent Calendar*

How is it different to last years?

This advent has been released, again, with 66% of its contents repeated to last years. There are also 3 products repeated but in different shades. The Face Scrub and The Mascara are the only 2 completely new products, which is a shame for those who wanted something new this year. 
They have brought back the lovely cabinet structure which I think is better as it is reusable as well as recyclable. It opens up to have two sides of draws which makes it even more compact. The design in particular is lovely and festive but it would of been nice to see another colour other than red. 

Is it worth the price?

Priced again at £60.00 you do get £125.00 worth of products! I feel as though the 12 day Clarins advent is smart as it's a cost effective way to introduce someone to the brand, for people thinking they may get some different this year, could be dissapointed. If you don't want an advent of repeats but love Clarins check out their Christmas Gifting range.

Does the Clarins advent interest you? Would you buy an advent with repeats?

Calendar Countdown may have changed it's schedule but I'd still love to know your opinion. You can find me on FacebookTwitter & Instagram or use the hashtag #CalendarCountdown. 

As always, thanks for reading...

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