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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Lush Advent Calendar 2019 & Why I'm Hesitant About It // The Calendar Countdown

This isn't going to be my usual Calendar Countdown style post. I will be showing a list of contents and talking about the advent they've released this year but, I wanted address the hesitation and possible controversy I feel surrounding it. 

When I heard Lush had a huge 24 day official advent calendar my honest, immediate thought was I wonder how much they will over charge for it. 
Over the years I have included Lush gifting ranges in blog posts and always found you could be paying more than what the contents were worth.

The Official Advent Calendar

Here are images from the first "legitimate" Advent Calendar by Lush. It includes 24 days of products (pictured above), is priced at £195.00 and is currently sold out.

The reason this is legitimate is because a lot of Lush fans and beauty lovers in general would buy the 12 Days Of Christmas gift and use it as an advent calendar, it was just never advertised as one.
This offers products from bath bombs to shower gels with some products that I suspect will either be in their Christmas range (as it is not yet available to buy) or will be exclusive to the advent.

Do you get your money's worth?

This is where the previous gifting ranges make me feel this could be a product you are overcharged for;
In 2015 the 12 Days Of Christmas was priced at £49.50 with £45.50 worth of products.
In 2016 the 12 Days Of Christmas was priced at £52.95 with £48.95 worth of products.

In 2017 the 12 Days Of Christmas was priced at £67.50 with £57.85 worth of products.
In 2018 the Lush Golden Egg (Easter Gift) was priced at £29.95 with £22.60 worth of products. 

It was after easter that I realised I didn't want to keep highlighting Lush products on my blog with their high mark ups. I understand £2-£3 more for the nice packaging they offer, but after Easter's £7.35 price difference for a shiny gold egg that was not 100% recyclable it made me question everything they offer already pre-packed as a gift.

This is £195.00! It's an average of 25 hours of work from your wages (Based on a 25 year old at minimum wage) and unlike other brands you cannot see what each item is priced at. Not all the items pictured above say what weight they are. 
If you took the 2017 12 Days of Christmas as an example, it was priced at £67.50 for 12 products so logically speaking having 24 products would be around £135. That's even with a £19.30 mark up for the packaging! 
Until the Christmas range is released you have no way of knowing what the contents price is and with the previous price differences and a now "reusable" box I come to question what you are paying for.

The 500 Controversy 

Lush decided to only release 500 units of their Advent Calendar. A very surprising move when the majority of other brands have been increasing their numbers over the years to meet customer expectations. 
After watching two YouTubers having received the advent through their PR Box's, Eltoria & Zoella (If you click on their names you'll see the videos of them receiving them) I questioned how many of the 500 went on sale for the general public. On Zoella's video they point it out that she received number 2/500. So I asked Lush on their website chat. 
If you go by what the lush online representative has said then 1,000 units were actually made...Overall it is still, in my opinion, a low number and I wonder if they will also release their 12 Days Of Christmas set too. 

Releasing this so far ahead of their Christmas range, being unable to work out the contents worth and paying such a high price for a hyped up "only 500 people get it" product I really feel like this is not worth the money. Now that it is sold out, I wouldn't buy one from someone else and I certainly wouldn't pay anymore. I've seen people sell them on eBay for around £350!

Do you feel this is worth the money? Would you purchase one?

Calendar Countdown may have changed it's schedule but I'd still love to know your opinion. You can find me on FacebookTwitter & Instagram or use the hashtag #CalendarCountdown. 

As always, thanks for reading...

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