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Sunday, 8 September 2019

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar // Calendar Countdown

The Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar is number three out of the four released this year. Priced at £24.99 this features figures, vehicles and accessories, you can always integrate this with other Lego sets.


  • 6 x Minifigures
  • 4 x Droid Figures
  • Includes vehicles, weapons and other accessories. 

*Highlighted products are repeats from last years Advent Calendar*

How is it different to last years?

There are some repeated types of vehicles, but with different designs. The biggest change this year is the down play of the festive element to the contents. It only has two festive figures included this year. The outer design is still festive but it's disappointing to see the same Christmas tree concept as last year. Hopefully this is something that would be changed next year.

Is it worth the price?

Despite the price increase across the brand, this set is still £24.99. Which may confuse you. Just to emphasise a little. Character based designs can cost more, but that price is decided by both parties. So in this instance it would be Disney and Lego. Whilst Lego have increased their prices on their own products it wouldn't always be the same with products involving two or more parties. Nonetheless, this as always is worth the price. 
With Star Wars Lego sets being around the £30-£40 mark you not only get your money's worth in contents it's also great for those who are Star Wars fans. If you have someone Star Wars and Lego mad, this is the perfect advent for them.

Have you brought one of these before? Would you start buying these?

Calendar Countdown may have changed it's schedule but I'd still love to know your opinion. You can find me on FacebookTwitter & Instagram or use the hashtag #CalendarCountdown. 

As always, thanks for reading...

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