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Sunday, 1 September 2019

Hello September & Why I Started Blogging

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As we go into my two favourite seasons of the year and with a revamp in posts and schedule I decided to do a Hello September rather than my usual Hello Autumn.

What's Coming Up

In a way, these posts will be getting back to basics. Taking a break the past couple of months and finding my feet again with The August Review, I felt that giving my opinion on products was falling into the product representing the blog rather than doing that myself. 
There are many changes I've gone through since I first started blogging and it's become apparent that my mind set is focused on reflecting my interests in a way that has the least physical me aspect possible. I'm not going to start spamming you with photos, but I've taken some steps like updating my About Me section and writing posts with a more personal feel to them.

With the upcoming September to December schedule I've devised I will be bringing back Halloween With Hannah, The Calendar Countdown and Holidays With Hannah but with some changes.

The biggest is Calendar Countdown. Brands are releasing their calendars earlier and earlier each year. With Lush releasing theirs on the 29th August and having it sold out that day, I asked on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter if you'd like to see breakdowns on advent calendars as they are released. A lot of you said yes to that so starting tomorrow I will be posting them up until December 1st. I'll be putting a story highlight on Instagram if you want to follow.

Halloween With Hannah isn't going to solely feature different makeup looks in the usual way I do them. I have two big project style ideas that I'm hoping to have enough time to pull off but that's going to be a let's see what happens moment. I'll be focusing on content that I and you really loved, including; Pumpkin Carving, Supermarket Ranges and Treat/Sweet Bag Ideas.

Holidays With Hannah is what I am most looking forward to. With the kids in my family growing up and starting to have social media, I was unable to share a few projects from last year. I'm really excited for you to see them and as Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year, I'm hoping to be able to show a little more me.

With that note I wanted to put these two posts together as a way for those who haven't been to my little corner of the internet to know why this all started...

Why I Started Blogging

At 14, my History teacher had us work in small groups to create an online blog about a historical figure and we used Blogger to do it. When working on the project I came across other peoples blogs and was interested in the diary style of it. Living with a younger brother having a diary wasn't going to be secret and in my early teenage years it became obvious friendship secrets were never kept.

I started my space and kept it private. I updated it now and then with my thoughts, feelings and pictures I wanted to keep a digital copy of without having to pay for a photo storage company. Whilst at University I remember getting an email with a message from another blogger and then another email with someone commenting on my post. Blogger had updated their terms and conditions and My Little Diary had gone public. 
Honestly, I was mortified.
There were some lovely comments and messages but most were nasty and abusive and I just went ahead, privatised it all again and carried on with University.

Why I Changed To Public

Those nasty comments were my worst nightmare come true. I'm not pretty, my teeth were too big, my makeup and fashion was awful and all the school years of bullying became thoughts in my head again. 
I have amazing friends and a supportive family, which helped my confidence grow during my University years. One day I thought why not? So I started this new space to share what I love. But, as you may or may not know, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis not long after and this little space became a crucial way for me to be part of the outside world whilst getting my health to a better position.
This space is for me. I like to share ideas and my thoughts on products, so when Halloween & Christmas come around, my two favourite times of the year and arguably the most popular, I'm in my element. 

My Aspirations 

I'd ultimately love to do this as a full time job but blogging has changed a lot over the years. Events were a seasonal or once in a blue moon thing that bloggers would attend and now it seems like they occur week after week. 
When blogging started, I felt that showing yourself out and about at different places, wasn't something needed with every post. Now it seems that taking magazine style photos and setting up shoots to get multiple shots to use across a time period is essential. Not only am I housebound with the colitis, I'm not happy with myself at the moment. Although it's something I'd love to do I'm not quite confident enough to yet.
For now I want to be involved in the community more where I can. I've been very lucky and had some lovely invitations to events but until my health is better, I want to be in more online discussions. I want to reach out to more bloggers and spend more time reading other blogs. I have around 12 that I read when I can but I want that to be different. 
My favourite thing to see is the loves of other people's lives. I feel happy for them and excited at their excitement. If you are the same way and I haven't come across your blog yet, reach out!

Well, I hope you stick around for the next few hectic months and hopefully I'll get a chance to work on some of my aspirations for 2020.

As always, thanks for reading...

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