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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Funko POP! Harry Potter Advent Calendar // Calendar Countdown

Funko POP! Harry Potter Advent Calendar is one of three released this year. Featuring mini Funko POP! figures, it's priced at £39.99.


  • Spend the holidays with your favourite witches, wizards and magical creatures with a surprise character behind every window. 
  • This is the second edition to last year's sell out Funko Pocket Pop! Calendar!
  • The figures are Pocket Pop! Keychain sized (approximately 1-2 inches tall)

How is it different to last years?

The second edition of the Funko POP! Harry Potter advent calendar and although there are repeated characters, it looks like they've chosen different designs for them. Last year the advent design was very similar, with a Christmas theme, but had the figures designed from the earlier movies. This is still very clever to do as for people who collect them can have a timeline of the characters and children have more ways to be creative when playing with them.

Is it worth the price?

Last year the advent was actually priced at £59.99. Decreasing it to £39.99 makes it even more worth the money you pay. Obtaining £96.00 worth in content is an amazing selling point to this calendar, let alone the fact it's Harry Potter. Although the outlook is that the characters are different in design, there is no guaranteed way of knowing so you may take a gamble of getting a repeat or two.

Did you purchase the Harry Potter one last year? Would you purchase it again this year?

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