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Saturday, 3 August 2019

I Finished My Invisalign Treatment // My Journey With Invisalign // The August Review

This post is long overdue.

Originally, I wanted to do updates every 4-6 weeks with the progress that I had with Invisalign. The issue I wanted to fix was subtle in comparison to some of the before and after cases you see advertised. I actually finished my Invisalign journey back in February and I have had this post ready since. Being off with ill health was the main reason for the delay, but I had hoped to have used the Whitening Kit I received with it by now.
With the whitening kit I have to sleep in it and currently I am up all hours and not in a great sleeping pattern. I didn’t want to go too long or short with it on and end up with sensitive teeth or not getting the full benefit. I’m saving that for when I’m in a better place, so keep your eyes out for that.

Today I will just be going through my Invisalign Journey.

This wasn’t the first journey with orthodontic work I have been through. If you want to know what I have had done before Invisalign and find out why I chose to go with this treatment, click here to read my previous post.

Right the bit you came to see, the Before and After. To note; I have edited my teeth to be whiter than they actually are because well in all honesty I am embarrassed by them.


Before & After


Before & After 

My Experience

For me this wasn’t a painful experience and although everyone is different, I find that there is more of a pressure ache when you start to feel and see the changes. My biggest piece of advice is to invest in orthodontist wax. Once your teeth start to move you can find the retainer edge press on your gums and even your tongue. I work in the customer service field, so I found with talking my tongue scrapped the under edge of my bottom retainer a lot and the wax stopped it from scratching and hurting.

How I Feel Now & Aftercare

I am ecstatic with the results and although as I have explained my health hasn’t been great, I feel a lot more confident with my smile. The biggest change you can really see is that tilt. It was one of my biggest issues before I started any brace treatment and I’m glad to have such an amazing dentist going forward with my aftercare to maintain everything.
With after care I will wear stronger versions of the trays I had as a retainer. Firstly, everyday all day like normal and then I’ll gradually go towards maybe only having to wear it at night. I’m unsure at this point what is going to be the next step for me as I haven’t been able to go back for my follow up that was scheduled at the end of May! I am hoping to be able to get an appointment this month / next, but I am still in a bind with my health.

If you are in the Coventry Area and looking at Invisalign, I would 100% recommend you go and see Dr Chada at Holyhead Dental Practice.
With having dental treatment before and still having issues all these years later, I was immediately put at ease meeting her. She listened to all my concerns, gave me different options to go with and she will tell you what is going to give you the best results if what you had imagined wouldn’t. The simulation they offer is an estimation because there may be little things only the dentist can do which the simulation cannot show. For example, I needed some teeth filing as I wanted to keep my wisdom teeth and that would affect the how far back those front teeth could be tucked. In the end I had no worries and I am extremely happy with the results.

Again, I am so sorry for those who have asked, that this has taken so long to post. I really wanted to have used the whitening kit and have some photos of me smiling without looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.

As always, thanks for reading…

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