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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Christmas Gift Guide // Children // Holidays With Hannah

Every year I usually separate the top toys to the children's gift guide, but I decided to put it all in one. Over the years I have done many gift guides with gift ideas but the categories that we put gifts into are the same year after year. I felt like I was repeating the same kind of thing again and again so like I do with my other gift guides I wanted to highlight a brand rather than go through different characters.
This will be different to the other gift guides that I have coming because I will explain my reasoning behind choosing that brand. Finding gifts for children can be a lot more difficult as their tastes change and develop through the years and some people want to buy for children in the family but they may not have any themselves and wouldn't know where to start.

Top Toys 2018

Gifts For Toddlers - WinFun

I came across WinFun when looking at toy deals on Black Friday. I've actually brought a few pieces for Christmas Gifts and the products are very study, not too heavy and as you can see from the images below, they are bright and colourful. With toys for 6 months to 5 years old I picked this as a brand to highlight for many reasons. The main one being that I feel when it comes to brands like  VTech & Leapfrog there is this notion to make almost every product they release available in a blue for boys or pink for girls version. Although WinFun has a few themselves the range isn't overrun by blue and pink only. It's amazing to see a range go back to basic primary colours.

Gifts For Girls - Mattel 

Girls toys are harder to find these days but you'll see from the selection below I mostly picked doll based toys. Studies have shown that girl's verbal and social skills come along quicker than boys because of the amount of time they sit talking to their dolls. Now the ones I've chosen come with accessories to help towards building scenarios and I haven't gone down the traditional princess route as most girls dolls now come in fantasy or superhero forms. The diary I included as it's fun between older girls to write down "secrets" and create memories. I decided to highlight Mattel because a lot of people will initially think it's full of barbies when they in fact offer a wide range of different dolls and play sets. 

Gifts For Boys - Hasbro

Boys toys are another that are difficult to find. In my opinion children are growing up a lot quicker than what the recommended age on toys are. I went with figures again here as boys will still develop social cues from interaction with them but they mostly learn problem skills. You'll find many boys toys are set up and advertised to click the lever or smash down a wall and reveal or save something. I went with Hasbro because it's another brand people assume about. Hasbro Games are very popular but it's not all they do. A lot of people don't know they have one of the largest exports of Marvel toys on the market.

Gifts For Imaginative Play - Addo

Addo as a brand has so many subcategories. The images below only give you a small insight into what they offer. From dress up to arts and crafts there are so many imaginative play items to choose from that you'll be surprised. I picked Addo because it's so diverse amongst gender. I find when you look at imaginative play items it is always girls costumes, makeup or girls arts and crafts. This doesn't have that as much as other brands, I find there's a good balance or more unisex items than what other brands offer. I've really come to like Addo and it's another brand I buy when gifting for children in the family. 

Gifts For Builders - Lego

Of course building toys are a great idea for any age and I had to go with Lego. Not only is it the top seller, it's durable, long lasting and the sets, when well looked after, can double in price. They have such a diverse range from what they've created and who they've worked with. It's one of those brands where you can find The Simpsons, Disney and The Beatles under the same roof.

Gifts For Collectors - MGA Entertainment 

It's no surprise that collectables are popular again this year. This is the trend that keeps on growing and this year I have seen more ranges released than previous. Still including some familiar faces in the image below, these are the perfect stocking filler or gift for your child to give to their friend. MGA Entertainment have many more collectable ranges which is why I chose them and because they expand their ranges into play sets which means the range that the child picks could grow more.

Gifts For Scientists - Nickelodeon 

I chose the category of science sets as I feel sets like these are always overlooked. The Nickelodeon range has diverse styles of experiments and they are great for kids who are getting older and are not that bothered by dolls or figures anymore. When you look at science style gifting you'll find a lot of astrology and metal detector style toys but chemistry and crystal sets are usually higher in age, for around 16 and older. This is a great introduction to whether the child wants to get into a science as a career as we forget toys are not just for entertainment but can help shape a child's path. Also, kits like this would also make a great sharing gift for siblings to do and although the age recommendation is 8 if done with supervision some of these can be done as young as 6 in my opinion. 

Gifts For Outdoors - Little Tikes

Outdoor toys are not your initial thought as a Christmas present but a lot of them can be used indoor and I know some people reading this will be from countries that have warmer winters. I chose Little Tikes as it's a brand that I grew up with. The products are sturdy, easy to put together (which is a bonus for parents) and they clean easily. With outdoor toys it's something that you will buy knowing it won't be used properly until the warmer months and it's a great gift to buy for a child a few months younger than the recommend age as it'll be ready for them to use when that time comes.

As a disclaimer. There are many lists about the Top Toys for Christmas 2018 but these are 12 that I've seen as very popular amongst reviews. The links above will show a retailer that stocks the product but it was chosen at random from one of three, The Entertainer, Smyths Toys & Amazon. I picked these three because of popularity and stock levels. 

So there is just a small insight into some ideas for Children. You can find previous gift guides here, here and here that are still relevant. I'd love to know what you are up to this Christmas or of any gift ideas you have. Leave a comment below or you can find me on  FacebookTwitter & Instagram

As always, thanks for reading...

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