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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Yankee Candle Wreath Advent Calendar // Calendar Countdown


Tea Lights:
- 3 x Icy Blue Spruce
- 3 x Glittering Star
- 3 x All Is Bright
- 3 x Crackling Wood Fire
- 3 x Snowflake Cookie
- 3 x Sparkling Cinnamon
- 3 x The Perfect Tree
- 3 x Winter Glow
     - 1 x Glass Tea Light Holder 

How is it different to last years?

Like last year, Yankee Candle have kept the same wreath shaped advent. I don't see this shape a lot with other brands but has become a staple for Yankee Candle. 
Using the same colour palette for 2018, I 100% prefer this design, there are a lot more details which makes it feel fuller in comparison to last years wreath printed on a white background design. This advent only includes 4 repeats and has all 4 new Christmas scents and a holder.

Is it worth the price?

This advent is priced at £24.99 like last year and unfortunately you do not get your moneys worth. I remember last year they offered exclusive new scents and some of them are repeated in this years advent, making their exclusivity void. It costs £6.99 for 12 tea lights, meaning you get £12.98 worth of candles. When looking at the glass tea light holder included I found it was one from their everyday range, priced at 99p. Overall you will be paying £24.99 for £14.97 worth of products which is extortionate. 

How do you feel about the price of the advent in comparison to the contents? Do you think there is a market for tea light advent calendars?

I am doing another month of #CalendarCountdown, I'd love to know what you think of all the different advents and you can find me on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. Use the hashtag #CalendarCountdown if you have one of these or if you have your own way of counting down to Christmas.

As always, thanks for reading...

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