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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Technic Body Collection Advent Calendar // Calendar Countdown


- 6 x Eyeshadow
- 2 x Eyeliner Pencil
- 1 x Mascara
2 x Nail Varnish
- 2 x Lipstick
- 2 x Lip gloss Tube
1 x Lip Pencil
- 1 x Lip Balm,
- 1 x Pencil Sharpener
- 1 x Mirror
- 1 x Nail File
- 1 x Hair Slide
- 1 x Hair Band
- 2 x Blusher Brush
- 2 x Double Ended Foam Applicator
1 x Toe Divider
- 1 x Pot of Nail Gems

How is it different to last years?

This is another new design from Technic but looking at the contents they are very similar to the love your selfie advent that was released last year just in different shades. Overall, I think it's a great idea for the brand to do as family's with more than one child can get different yet similar items for say two children, pay the same and hopefully there will be no arguing (haha!). It also creates more choice. I've noticed some advent are more nude based and others more smokey.

Is it worth the price?

Yes, 100%. At £11.95 on the website provided above, this will be on a variety of offers across different retailers. This would be target towards 14 year olds more than younger children that like dress up as the colours are a lot darker. I find this advent has more makeup than accessories included.

Do you have an older teen that likes Technic? What age demographic do you think this product is for?

I am doing another month of #CalendarCountdown, I'd love to know what you think of all the different advents and you can find me on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. Use the hashtag #CalendarCountdown if you have one of these advents or if you have your own way of counting down to Christmas.

As always, thanks for reading...

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