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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Operation Christmas Child Boxes 2018

Last year because my health was not at its best, I showed you how to put together boxes online, if you feel you'd like to do one but cannot get everything together in time; Click Here to see how to donate a shoe box online. 
As always, I put together 6 boxes, one for each gender and age. I thought I'd show you what I included in them this year.

The Contents

The School Supplies; A pack of colouring pencils, a pencil case with pens, pencils, a rubber, ruler and sharpener, a maths set and an exercise book. Items like this are part of the key items to include in a shoe box. I purchased mine from The Range.
Hygiene Supplies; A toothbrush, toothpaste, flannel, bar of soap and a comb. When I decided to do shoe boxes there were a number of reasons but one that really caught me was the story of a young girl that was so excited to receive her own toothbrush as she didn't have one. Just to note, as the toothbrushes came in multi packs, I put them into sandwich seal bags to keep clean. I got these items from Tesco & Superdrug. 
Warm Items: You never know where your boxes are going but after seeing a need for hats and gloves because of many children go through harsher winters last year, I included these. I found these on Toys For A Pound which is a fantastic website if you do more than one box each year.
Utensils: I didn't realise we could send over cups, bowls and/or plates before this year. I couldn't find any bowls or plates that would fit in the boxes with everything else but when I saw these on Toys For A Pound they were the perfect size. 
Misc: Another purchase from Toys For A Pound, these drawstring bags are great as school bags and everything will fit in from the boxes. I found Paw Patrol character ones for the younger children and Spiderman & Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir for the older children. 
Small Toys: Each Child got a huge plastic road map and cars, a globe bouncy ball, a yo-yo and a small teddy bear. I like to put in small toys that they can share with friends or play with themselves. Purchased from Toys For A Pound and Pound Toy. 
Wow Item: Operation Christmas Child ask for a wow item like a cuddly toy or a game to play. When I saw these I got each of the younger children a puzzle and the connect four game for the older ones. Again these were from Toys For A Pound. 
Here is one of my boxes all packed and ready to go!

Most places in the UK have their drop of dates open until the 18th November. As always The Entertainer is amazing I always drop mine off at my local store, just be aware that they do close of Sundays so if you drop your box off there you have until the 17th November. 

Do you do Operation Christmas Child Boxes? Have any ideas you'd like to share?

As always, thanks for reading...

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