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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

L'Occitane Advent Calendar // Calendar Countdown


-       Almond Shower Oil, 35ml
- Shea Butter Shower Cream, 30ml
- Verbena Body Lotion, 30ml
- Verbena Leaf Soap, 25g
- Shea Butter Body Lotion, 30ml
- Cherry Blossom Shower Gel, 35ml
- Citrus Verbena Shower Gel, 30ml
- Shea Butter Hand Cream, 10ml
Shea Butter Foot Cream, 10ml
- Peony Hand Cream, 10ml
- Aromachologie Shampoo, 35ml
- Aromachologie Conditioner, 35ml
Almond Delicious Hands, 10ml
- Verbena Hand Cream, 10ml
- Arlesienne Soap, 50g
- Arlesienne Eau De Toilette, 7ml
- Almond Soap, 50g
Almond Milk Concentrate, 20ml
- Shea Butter Lip Balm, 3ml
Aromachologie Bath Cube, 33g
- Cherry Blossom Body Lotion, 35ml
- Aromachologie Shower Gel, 35ml
- Shea Light Cream, 5ml
- Shea Butter Milk Soap, 25g

How is it different to last years?

You can see all the contents are highlighted blue, this has the exact same contents as last years advent. It's disappointing to see from a brand that I really like and that has a lot to offer people. They changed the design this year and didn't go with their people characters which was very surprising. I'm unsure on this design, the red is nice and bold but the graphics are not my favoruite. 

Is it worth the price?

Keeping to the same price as last year, £49.00, I don't recommend this advent calendar if you had it last year. I don't think people would want the same year after year and it's surprising to see from a brand with such a wide variety. I would of really liked to have seen a 12 day advent from them with more deluxe sized samples. You'd end up getting great value for money and it would of hopefully given way for new products and less repeats.

Do you like advents that repeat the contents year after year? Does this one by L'Occitane appeal to you?

I am doing another month of #CalendarCountdown, I'd love to know what you think of all the different advents and you can find me on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. Use the hashtag #CalendarCountdown if you have one of these or if you have your own way of counting down to Christmas.

As always, thanks for reading...

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