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Friday, 2 November 2018

Lily's Kitchen Cat Advent Calendar // Calendar Countdown


- Festive Turkey Treats With Cranberry : With freshly prepared turkey, gravy and a sprinkling of cranberries, these naturally delicious treats will give your cat their very own taste of Christmas Dinner. 
- Tasty Chicken Treats With Shrimp : Tempting morsels with shrimp, freshly prepared chicken and turkey, the omega 3s in these treats will help keep your cat's fur as soft as velvet. 
- Tasty Chicken Treats With Liver : Delectable treats made with freshly prepared chicken. Enriched with taurine, these are delicious delights for twinkly eyed Christmas cats. 

How is it different to last years?

In a similar fashion to the Dog Advent, this does contain the same treats as last year. Again I do find your pets are not going to be overly bothered by it but it would be nice to see something different as a way to introduce more of Lily's Kitchens recipes. 

Is it worth the price?

Containing all natural ingredients you are getting your moneys worth with this advent. Like I said before with the dog advent there are others on the market at a lower price but you know with Lily's Kitchen you're getting well reviewed products that are wholesome and good for your pet. With over 50 treats included I'd make sure it was out of reach of your pet!

Do you buy your pet an advent calendar? Have you tried them with any Lily's Kitchen products?

I am doing another month of #CalendarCountdown, I'd love to know what you think of all the different advents and you can find me on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. Use the hashtag #CalendarCountdown if you have one of these advents or if you have your own way of counting down to Christmas.

As always, thanks for reading...

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