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Monday, 5 November 2018

Lets Talk...Zoella Lifestyle Christmas Range 2018

The Products

How is it different to last years?

Swapping out the forest green for this gorgeous navy blue the range has decreased in the number of products from 16 to 12. I do think there may be one product missing that I saw in promotional images which is a pencil case but I couldn't find it on Boots so it may be 13 products. The range has kept similar products but made a few changes, for example having lunch boxes instead of the storage tins. 

My thoughts on the range and concept

After the controversy surrounding the Advent Calendar included in last years range, it isn't surprising to see there isn't one this year. I think the decrease in number of the bigger sets has given more variety, for example be able to get the slippers or socks without having it included with something else you may of not necessarily wanted is a huge bonus. This is the third Christmas release of a Zoella Lifestyle range and every year I feel Zoe takes into account the winter season and the notion of stocking fillers and gifts but doesn't splash Christmas all over them, so items like the lunchboxes can be used year round. Zoe does have more of a teenage demographic but I like how she hasn't secluded the range to be for them. I love how the lifestyle range is steered towards the working / school life with a design and colour scheme that makes it attractive to all ages and reflects a fashionable yet business appearance. I could buy and use everything in this range and I know my younger cousins who are in their early teenage years could do too.

My top three picks

Cup & Straw - This may seem an odd choice but let me explain. With society being more aware and active when it comes to our waste on the environment, tumbler cups like this with the reusable straw are perfect. Not only do a lot of people like using a straw but I feel having a cup with lid and straw makes spills less messy. This would be a great stocking stuffer and you could even put a lip stick or chocolates in the cup. 
Mittens & Headband Set - I really like this, I find you do not get that many headband and mitten sets and this is just so gorgeous. I had to wear my hair up for work and I know a lot of retailers have the same rule for long hair. A headband is a lifesaver in the colder months especially when it's frosty because you cannot get a hat over your ears. Great for someone who works the early or late shifts and in a similar position. 
Year To Cheer Desk Calendar - For someone who works at a desk all day this is a beautiful edition. Although you don't have much space to make notes or write a message it's great to circle really important dates and get you to look at your planner. This really prompts you to be more organised and would work well for someone in an office environment.

Are you a fan of the Zoella Lifestyle Range? Do you think she should have done an Advent Calendar this year?

As always, thanks for reading...

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