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Saturday, 3 November 2018

Lets Talk...Zoella Beauty Christmas Range 2018

The Products

How is it different to last years?

Last year we saw the Zoella Beauty Christmas range boost from 12 to 15 products. This year they have decreased back down to 12, no doubt taking on board feedback from fans and consumers. Which means this year they didn't release a stocking, makeup bag or bath fizzer set. I was quite surprised that they swapped out the bath fizzers for the bath oils as in my opinion the fizzers are a staple product to each range Zoella Beauty has released. It will be interesting to see what people think of the swap and if any one misses having bath fizzers in the range. 
The scent is described as "out of this world. Featuring crisp, uplifting notes of mint blended with delicious red fruits to create a very special limited edition fragrance"

My thoughts on the range and concept

Ultimately I like this range a lot, especially the gorgeous design and colour scheme but I was so on the fence with the notion of this being a Christmas Range after watching Zoe for so long. Although we have different design tastes, I love Christmas just as much and I too love to go all out. The past two Christmas ranges she's done have been very on the mark in the name, design concept and scent. The name Cosmos doesn't scream Christmas and the design doesn't reflect a traditional Christmas pattern or colour scheme. What puts me on the fence is the connection Zoe makes to her audience just by her love of Christmas alone and then seeing this concept isn't reflective of her love for the festive season. It's not to say I don't like it, as I said above I like it a lot the range being compacted down to 12 products and the design is gorgeous it's just not Christmas. Other brands have previously done a space theme or design in an advent calendar form but the range stands out as being a Winter Range rather than a Christmas Gifting Range. On a side note it does make it a lot more versatile to those who don't like Christmas or have Birthdays around that time!

My top three picks

Reach For The Moon Hand Cream - The range is known for it's hand creams and I honestly always find it hard to find a hand cream I like. They either have an very overly perfumed scent or smell quite clinical. Having the undertones of mint is the perfect in between as it smells fresh and sweet with the red berries but isn't clinical or perfumed. This would be suitable for young teens and up up as well as a brilliant stocking stuffer idea.
Big Beauty Bang, Bath & Body Cracker - For an all around pamper gift the cracker contains the body wash, hand cream and body lotion. This is a great introduction to the brand without going overboard, presented in an amazing cracker shaped box. I do usually like the larger gift sets but I'd actually gift that for a Birthday instead of a Christmas present. 
Milky Way Bath - Like last year, the bath milk is also in the top three. Winter can be really harsh on your skin, putting this in your bath will give you such soft and hydrated skin. Great to go into a cosy hamper, in the stocking or a lovely treat for a winter's night after you've been at work all day.

What are your thoughts on the Zoella Beauty Range? Do you think they should of kept the bath fizzers?

As always, thanks for reading...

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