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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Lets Talk...Too Faced Christmas Range 2018

How is it different to last years range?

Increasing the number of products from 10 to 12, there is more variety price wise in comparison to last year but I do wonder why they decided to include more palettes this year. I love that they repeated the Better Than Sex Mascara ornament and the seasonal favourite, the gingerbread melted matte liquid lipstick. It shows how well loved the products are for them to be included each year. They also included products from their non seasonal peach range. Again, this is very popular and they come in packaging with a little festive glitter spin on it. Most of these products are compact and great as stocking fillers. 

My thoughts on the range and concept

This is a lot more festive in the design of the products and the packaging. Honestly I would like to have seen more from this Christmas range as it does get quite samey. Too Faced have great primers, bronzers, settings sprays and brow products, to name a few, including those items in the sets, in a bauble or even doing a two or three piece palette with a combination of bronzer, highlighter or blusher would go down well. Im my opinion that's what is missing and adding products like that would not only make it a fuller Christmas range but a buyer could only need to add their foundation and concealer to achieve a completed look.

My top three picks

Christmas Dreams Essential Cruelty Free Brush Set - A lot of people are being more aware of cruelty free products and brands are following suit. Too Faced have always led that notion and makeup brushes can be particularly harder to find. This set has all the basics that you need for day to day makeup as well as on the go. I love the bag included too, this would be a great stocking filler.
Peach Tinsel Shimmering Highlighting Powder & Pouf - This is my favoruite item. To me having a shimmer finish in winter is essential for any party or gathering and having the pouf come with it is fantastic. This is affordable, lasts long and smells of peach. Another stocking filler idea but I think this would be an idea for your teen to gift to their friend.
Tutti Frutti Christmas Fruit Cake Set - This is a basic set that's ideal for beginners in bronzing and highlighting. The print is festive and the product colour choices are too dark or crazy. Each product has it's own fruity scent too which makes it easier to use. When I use the peach products I know I've used too much because the smell is so intense, it's a great guideline and was a close choice between this and the Powder & Pouf set for top spot. 

What are your thoughts on this years range by Too Faced? Anything here you would put on your Christmas list?

As always, thanks for reading...

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