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Saturday, 17 November 2018

DIY Yankee Candle Bouquet

This is my first DIY Christmas Gift Idea of 2018 but this would make a great gift for any occasions. I had seen this idea floating around Pinterest the past year or so and have a friend who makes various gifting bouquets. I thought this would make a great present for my friend who loves Candles. This can be really inexpensive to do. This has 25 wax melts and it cost me less than £20 to make with materials too.

You Will Need

- Yankee Candle Melts
- Bamboo Sticks
- Floral Foam
- Bouquet Box
- Tissue Paper
- Scissors 
- Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
- Sellotape
- Cellophane Bag
- Pull Bow

How to put it together

Here are all of my Wax Melts. I went with a mix but you can use certain scents they like or pick certain coloured ones and go with a theme. I did need to cellotape up a few as the plastic packaging was coming off so remember to check for that. You want to glue them on the plastic so all the recipient has to do if rip the plastic and take out the wax melt.
Here are a few glued on bamboo sticks and I thought they looked a little plain so I decided to cut squares of tissue paper to sit underneath them. It's so simple to do and it doesn't have to be perfect as you'll be crumpling the paper around the wax melt. I would dot some hot glue the back of the wax melt to keep it all in place.
As you can see I went with silver as I used a lot of colours in the wax melts and I didn't want and clash between say a shade of pink wax melt and pink tissue paper. 
I found these bouquet boxes on eBay, they are really simple to put together, they have little lock in tabs on the side you pop into place. I found a lot of people just stuffed any floral foam they had in the box once it was put together. I decided to use these circular ones that I again found on eBay and created a tower. After hot gluing them together and to the bottom of the box, I found when I put the box up around it, it did stick up a little bit. You could cut it to size but I quite liked it as I knew none of the melts would then be too low down that the box flaps would cover them. An optional step would be to tape the flaps into place on their angles just so it's a lot sturdier. One step I didn't photograph is the tissue paper cover. To give it some extra dimensions I took large sheets of tissue paper and glued them to the top of the floral foam tower so the base looked pretty and it looked a lot fuller. You then need to start putting them into place.
I really loved how they all placed, all I needed to do now was bag it and add a bow. Another tip I found is I wanted the bow to tie around the box at the neck (as it's vase shaped) so I put a cellophane bag around it upside down and taped the access behind and underneath the box. I added the bow last as I didn't want it crushed by the bag.
And that's how I put this Yankee Candle Bouquet together! I am so happy with how this turned out and hope it gives you a gift idea for someone this Christmas. There are many items you can do this with, makeup, confectionery...etc and I'll share some more over on my Instagram as I make them nearer the time.

I hope you are enjoying my content this month with the #CalendarCountdown and festive posts in between. Hopefully you'll be back to see my Gift Guides this December ^.^ As always you can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

As always, thanks for reading...

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