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Sunday, 25 November 2018

Balmain Advent Calendar // Calendar Countdown


- Elastique pour Cheveux
- Session Towel
- Repair Mask 200 ml
- Leave in Conditioner 200 ml
- Travel Size Moisturizing Shampoo 50 ml
- Travel Size Moisturizing Conditioner 50 ml 
- All Purpose Spa Brush - Mini
- Travel Size Argan Moisturizing Elixir 20ml
- Texturizing Salt Spray 200 ml
- Gold Mini Mirror

How is it different to last years?

I don't think there was a Balmain advent last year but I remember seeing it's products in a few multi brand advent calendars over the past two years. Starting with the design it's very on point colour wise to the brand and has gone for a classic London home design but unfortunately there is no festive flair to it. Going onto the weirder side of this advent, it's 10 days long...Starting from the 16th to the 25th December you can get 10 hair treats and accessories in this advent. I'm questioning why they didn't do 12 days? Advents are usually 24/25 or 12 days long. I have seen a few that have their own amount of days but this is very strange to me. 

Is it worth the price?

At £140.00 this works out to £14 an item and with some being travel size and others being accessories I would say that this wasn't worth the money overall. You pay for what you get but I do question a Gold Mini mirror being that expensive.

What do you think about advents deviating from the usual 24/25 or 12 day composition? Do you think this advent is worth the money?

I am doing another month of #CalendarCountdown, I'd love to know what you think of all the different advents and you can find me on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. Use the hashtag #CalendarCountdown if you have one of these or if you have your own way of counting down to Christmas.

As always, thanks for reading...

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