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Sunday, 11 November 2018

12 Times Buddy The Elf Got Up To Mischief

You may or may not know but I had an Elf On The Shelf named Buddy who came and visited the past two Christmases. This year he has gone to another family but I wanted to share with you some of the things he got up too whilst here. It may help you to deter your elf's cheeky behaviour. 
I woke up on December 1st and found Buddy had gotten into my Scrabble board game... I'm still missing a few letters to this day.

He tried to shave even though he didn't have any facial hair... There was shaving foam everywhere with this one.
We are told never to touch the Elf On The Shelf as they would loose their magic. Not only did I nearly headbutt Buddy when he did this, he also gave me a fright when I opened the door.

Do not be fooled if your Elf does this. I awoke to find Buddy feeling "poorly" but by the time I came home he had gotten into all of the sugary snacks! He had an upset stomach that night.

He was very excited for the new Spiderman movie. Although the parents were not impressed he chose their tree to do this I thought this one was quite fun. Just wished he cleaned all the webs up!

We don't get a lot of snow in the UK but that didn't stop Buddy. The freshly painted banister wasn't the best place.

As you can see from the pictures that came out, Buddy brought quite a few prop with him. These made great photo cards for his friends and family. I did question whether the pieces he brought were for fun or to use as disguises....

Getting into my Candy canes again. Buddy made a zip wire right across my desk to the bed.  
I honestly wouldn't of taken Buddy as the fishing type. I don't know why he chose the bathroom sink but I did notice the lollipop stick which meant he had gotten into the sweets, again.
I couldn't find Buddy all day one time he visited and eventually did in the box of my Christmas Tree decorations. Think he was trying to hint that I needed to get them up.

Buddy wasn't injured, so unsure why he was in the plasters, but he knew he didn't need the whole box! Another mess to clean up. 
Finally, with have Ulcerative Colitis I try my best to see the funny side and this really got me giggling. I just wish he hadn't of hid all the toilet roll!
So there were 12 of the times Buddy got up to mischief, I hope it helps you when your Elf comes to visit. Would love to know about your Elf and what they get up to, you can tag me on  FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

As always, thanks for reading...

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