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Friday, 26 October 2018

My First Four Trays // My Journey With Invisalign

It's been just over four weeks since I started my Invisalign treatment and I thought I'd update you with pictures after each tray I've had and my experience with them so far. As a disclaimer I have whitened the teeth in the photos just because I wanted them to be clear and consistent. Although my teeth hygiene is good no one’s teeth are perfectly white without some help from a whitening toothpaste or treatment. As part of my Invisalign package I will receive a whitening at the end so I'm really looking forward to having that finish everything off.

How the first four weeks have been

- From the images you'll see coming up, I have these little bumps stuck to my teeth and they are called aligners. This is what the tray clips onto when you put it in. I was told they would wear down or fall off and just to call and let them know to order more for my next appointment. At first I was so careful with taking my trays in and out and then one aligner came off whilst brushing my teeth and I honestly thought bugger it. It's just part and parcel of the process so my worry around that wore off after a week.
- I did have trouble griping the trays to take them out, there are these hook style tools to help but honestly using a latex glove helps grip them better than anything else I've used. 
- Amazon became my best friend. The first few weeks after not wearing retainers or braces for so long has given me chapped lips and my done tongue some damage. I ordered a host of lip balms, scrubs/exfoliates and dental wax. For me I'll line the bottom tray along the back edge for the first day or two, the edge wouldn't have worn in yet and I ended up with scraps on my tongue which were uncomfortable.
- For me, there is no pain but there is sensitivity. As I change each tray, they obviously get tighter as they start to move the teeth so I feel the pressure on the sides of some teeth rather than any striking or tooth root pain. You shouldn't feel any substantial pain during this process so if you are experiencing some I'd go to the dentist straight away.

The Pictures

After Tray One

After Tray Two

After Tray Three

After Tray Four

What I've noticed

Since starting the treatment I knew I wouldn't see a massive difference over the first 4 weeks but surprisingly I feel a massive difference. As I said in my last post, the goal for me is to straighten up a few teeth and tuck in my overbite. Between Tray One & Four I can see a slight tuck on the overbite, but I can really feel it starting to work. A lot of the time when you want to transform a physical part of yourself, whether that me teeth, weight, muscle gain...etc you'll feel it before you see it. 
I am ecstatic with how the progress is going, I recently picked up my next 4 sets of trays which I will again change over every week. So I will see you again in about a month with another update.

If you are in or from Coventry and are thinking or having Invisalign treatment yourself, drop into The Holyhead Dental Practice and see Dr Chadha. From the 12th-16th November Holyhead Dental Practice are having an Invisalign Digital Smile week, you can book an appointment for a complimentary consultation. 
As aways all opinions are my own and I am not being paid or sponsored to mention them in my posts.  

As always, thanks for reading...

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