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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Halloween At The Supermarket // Halloween With Hannah

Halloween can be expensive when you have children or when you have parties, nights out or trick or treating to sort. I find that shopping for it can be quite difficult, you either have lots of items to choose from where the prices and delivery charges are high or you find cheaper items that sell out quickly and/or have strange sizing.
I find that supermarkets are always going to be your best first choice. The prices are not extortionate in comparison to fancy dress retailers. They offer everything from costumes, to party decorations and themed food, but the biggest bonus is that there are many of them to choose from.
I've compiled three categories, best for costumes, best for Halloween inspired clothing and best for party decor and treats. I've assigned each category to a different supermarket and when choosing each supermarket, I considered, prices, locations and stock levels.

For Halloween Costumes - Sainsburys

Sainsburys was surprisingly the best option for costumes. With Tesco not having an online store and Asda having online exclusives more than store stock, Sainsburys came out with that even balance between being online and in store. The overall selection may not be as big as other supermarkets but I find those supermarkets will bulk out by, say for example, producing the same witches costume in 5 different colours.
As you can see from the image above, they offer a variety of traditional Halloween costumes for all ages that are simple yet effective and for £20 or under you are not breaking the bank.
Just to note that if you are after character based Halloween costumes then unfortunately the best option will be a fancy dress retailer or the characters brand shop.

For Halloween Inspired Clothing - Asda

I was surprised that many retailers didn't offer as much Halloween inspired clothing as last year or the year before. As always Asda is the go to for this. For parties, nights out or if you just don't fancy wearing a full costume you can still wear pieces to represent the festivities. 
A lot of outfits do go down the skeleton route but I find that Asda's are better priced, the quality is long lasting and the sizing isn't overly complex. You usually find a lot of apparel comes in the american small, medium...etc sizes but with Asda you have UK sizing. 

Hosting A Halloween Party - Morrisons

There was a huge selection at Morrisons, with different designs and with different material routes to go I found the throw away paper pieces to be the best priced, best designed and easiest to deal with. The plastic reusable pieces are great but it would depend if you had the storage for them or made a regular thing of hosting a Halloween party.
Also offering well priced Halloween treats, I found everything I would need to host a Halloween party and I'm known for going over the top! Halloween parties are not a big thing here in the UK but I feel for larger families, kids that don't got trick or treating or students looking to do something for the occasion, Morrisons is the best place to go.

What do you think of the products being sold for Halloween this year? Do you feel the UK are starting to celebrate like America? or Do we still have a long way to go?

As always, thanks for reading...

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