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Sunday, 19 August 2018

Tony Moly Strawberry Seed 3 Step Nose Pack // The August Review

Tony Moly Strawberry Seed 3 Step Nose Pack

This 3-step blackhead-removing strip helps to remove blackheads and purify pores, leaving them clean and smooth. This is a good step to add to your skincare routine that helps maintain blackhead-free, clear skin. - Beauty & Seoul Website


- Affordable.
- Works really well.
- Got rid of black & white heads.
- Left nose clear and smooth.
- Smells lovely.


- Can be quite difficult to get hold of as they are so popular.

I was initially very confused by the term strawberry nose when going through reviews for this item. For people who get a lot of build up on their nose, it can feel like little small bumps like when running your fingers over the outside of a strawberry. Tony Moly have created the perfect product for that issue and although I don't have a strawberry nose like some I found this very beneficial. I would recommend this to those if they have a lot of congestion, not necessarily because they have so much it causes a bumpy service but this really gets deep into the pores and the strip, although a little painful, does the same. Loved the results after using this product.

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