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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

The Face Shop Real Nature Face Masks // The August Review

The Face Shop Real Nature Face Masks 

Honey - "Get radiant and illuminated skin in an instant with this Honey Face Mask. The Honey extract, with its nourishing properties, reveals young looking, invigorated skin." - The Face Shop 
Blueberry - "The Blueberry Real Nature Face Mask leaves skin soft and tones. Soothing blueberry extract helps restore skin’s suppleness and vitality." - The Face Shop
Aloe - "Your skin will be soft and supple in a couple of minutes with this Aloe Face Mask. The aloe extract, with soothing properties, offers softness and hydration to the skin." - The Face Shop


- Eye and mouth holes are the perfect size.
- Evenly saturated.
- A little longer than other masks I've used which means you can drag the serum down and apply to your neck.
- Very affordable and can be often found on a deal.
- Huge range to choose from.


- None!

I've not used many products from The Face Shop but I am very impressed with the brand. If you are after Korean Skincare items that have more natural qualities and ingredients this would be the brand I suggest. 
Each mask was so beneficial to my skin but my favourite is definitely the aloe one. The Honey & Blueberry did everything they said they would; left skin soft, nourished and looking bright but the aloe was just what my skin needed after the heatwave the UK has had. For my skin, hydrating masks work well with my skincare routine but I only see the results last for about two days. I applied the aloe mask on a Thursday and on the Tuesday my skin still looked nourished, plump and hydrated. Very happy with these and have already brought some different styles as well as some more aloe ones.

Have you tried anything by The Face Shop? Would you try these masks?

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