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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Skin79 Cleanest Coconut Cleansing Oil // The August Review

Skin79 Cleanest Coconut Cleansing Oil

"Enriched with Natural coconut oil, Cleanest Coconut Cleansing Oil maintains a healthy moisture balance whilst removing impurities. Worked daily into skin, makeup, dirt and excess oils are removed from the face gently and effortlessly." -Beauty Bay Website


- Smells incredible, not too strong or perfumed.
- A little goes a long way.
- Love the clip packaging concept, no more leaks!
- Lathers well.
- Removes makeup better than wipes.
- Does what it says, leaves skin smooth, moisturised and free from makeup, dirt and excess oils.


- Thicker consistency than other brands.

I had seen many people talk about the two step cleansing process and even more people started trying the process when Non-Korean brands released a similar cleansing regime.
Before I started researching into cleansing oils my initial thought was that they wouldn't be for dry skin. After reading reviews of some different brands on YesStyle and other websites I found that this one is for combination skin. I get very dry cheeks but can be oily or have "normal" skin elsewhere and after the first few uses of this, I'm so impressed. 

It is a little on the thicker side consistency wise so I only use it in the evenings but it breaks makeup and even face paint down so smoothly that it all washes off the face. After using it feels like each pore has been cleansed, without residue left on the skin, nourished and ready for the second cleanse. I would 100% recommend this for those with combination skin or those with dry skin as an evening cleanse for makeup.

Have you tried the Skin79 Cleanest Coconut Cleansing oil? What were your thoughts?

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