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Thursday, 23 August 2018

Skin79 Calming And Soothing Care For Angry Cat Animal Mask // The August Review

Skin79 Calming And Soothing Care For Angry Cat Animal Mask

"Soothe, moisturise and purify with Calming And Soothing Care For Angry Cat Animal Mask. With a full cat print, apply the sheet mask directly on the face to calm and clear pores for a hydrated, blemish-free complexion." - Beauty Bay Website


- Hydrating.
- Calming. 
- Soothing.
- Reduces redness.
- Doesn't irritate.
- Smell lovely.
- Isn't oversized.
- Good sized variety.


- None!

This was another face mask I was gifted at Christmas and I love these animal / character masks with the face print on them. Not only do they work well but they're fun for sleepovers, young teens getting into skincare and something different than a white sheet. Skin79 use a lot of natural extracts in their products and for me that has done wonders to my skin. Since using Korean Skincare products I've seen such a boost and this mask in particular gives me a massive radiance boost in battling my redness. I'd recommend looking into this brand 100% not only for their masks but for other skincare products. This mask range has a good variety so there is something for everyone.

What are your thoughts on Skin79 products? Would you try this Face Mask?

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