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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence // The August Review

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence

"Brightening and firming your complexion, the Starting Treatment Essence from Secret Key is an effective way to get the most out of the rest of your beauty treatments. Free from alcohol, parabens and animal oils, this boosting essence is conditioning and strengthening proving to be a win-win formula for soft sensitive. What’s more, Galactomyces yeast – a favourite of Korean cosmetic companies – expertly clarifies and moisturises – perfect!" - Selfridges Website


- Gorgeous glass bottle.
- A lot of product where a little goes a long way.
- Doesn't leak.
- Brightens.
- Helps clear spots and blackheads.
- Moisturising.
- Gives a great boost in radiance.
- Improves skin tone.
- Seen very subtle improvement in fine lines.


- None!

I managed to pick this up in the Rose Edition, which I later found was a limited edition formula and I can now only find it on Ebay. The original formula can still be found on Korean Skincare websites and some retailers like Selfridges. Although this may be a little on the pricey side for a skincare item...I would pay it. Essence is a very popular Korean skincare item and crucial in a lot of routines. This is what I call the barrier product because it acts as a shield against environmental damage and I love that it's packed with so many ingredients to treat the skin. This can improve 10 different qualities on your skin, dependant on what you need. The main areas it has benefited my skin are fine lines, hydration, elasticity, whitening, soothing and oil control. It's become an essential part of my routine and I 100% recommend it!

What are your thoughts on products like Essence? Would you try this one by Secret Key?

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