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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Oh K! 3 Step Charcoal Mask // The August Review

Oh K! 3 Step Charcoal Mask

"A clarifying three step mask ideal for blemish prone skin. Developed to purge the pores of dirt and sebum, the Oh K! 3 Step Mask is a deeply cleansing solution for troubled skin. Expertly designed to offer the deepest cleanse possible whilst delivering hydration and moisture, this innovative three-step mask leaves skin clear, soothed and free from imperfections." - Beauty Bay Website


- Affordable.
- Easy to follow.
- Isn't as time consuming as stand alone face masks.
- Cleared away dry and dead skin.
- Pores were deeply cleansed.
- Wash lathered really well and smelled lovely.
- Charcoal Mask wasn't oversized and saturated evenly.
- Serum was lovely, had a smooth non sticky / tacky consistency. 


- None!

This was another item I was gifted at Christmas and it's one of my favourite pamper night items. Usually I find that these three step kits are thrown together and you kind of get what you pay for, if you know what I mean, but this changed the game. From this pack I was shocked to find the quality of these products were just as good as buying the bottle. I've never had a cleanser that lathers like the one this offers, a charcoal mask as moisturising or a serum as smooth. I 100% recommend this for pamper nights, a skin treat or for when you are travelling. I get mine from Beauty Bay.

Have you tried a 3 Step Mask? Is this a product that interests you?

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