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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Koelf Pearl Shea Butter Hydro Gel Eye Patch // The August Review

Koelf Pearl Shea Butter Hydro Gel Eye Patch 

"These hydro gel eye patches are formulated with pearl powder and shea butter, which not only sound super luxe, but have the added benefit of rejuvenating and moisturising the under-eye area. Pearl contains over 20 types of minerals and amino acids for bright, glowing skin, while shea butter provides rich moisture to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Visibly reduces the look of puffiness, dark circles & fine lines to reveal a firmer, smoother, softer, brighter under eye area in just 20-30 minutes. Anti-ageing, moisturising, soothing and one of the most glam skin treatments you can enjoy from the comfort of your sofa - what's not to love?" - Amazon Website


- Calming.
- Moisturising.
- Nourishing.
- Refreshing.
- Helps combat puffy eyes.
- Don't slip down the face.
- Smell really nice.


- Takes longer to see results than the other hydrogel patches in the brand.

I brought these alongside the Bulgarian Ruby ones and I am just as impressed. These have similar qualities but they are a lot thicker in consistency and feel more cooler and calming to the skin. These are my go to in the morning when I haven't slept well or have irritated puffy eyes and I would recommend these to people with puffy under eyes. Although it takes around 10 days to see the results, they do work well and the benefits are worth the wait. Like the Ruby ones you can usually find them on a good offer on YesStyle.

Do you prefer these to the Bulgarian Rose ones? Would this be beneficial to you?

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