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Monday, 20 August 2018

Holika Holika Pure Essence Face Mask // The August Review

Holika Holika Pure Essence Face Mask 

"Reducing inflammation, Pure Essence Mask Sheet Cucumber soothes sensitive skin. Soaked with moisture, the thin mask increases skin's elasticity, heals small scars and prevents the appearance of wrinkles for a healthy, youthful complexion." - Beauty Bay Website


- Hydrating.
- Soothing.
- Reduces inflammation.
- Reduces redness.
- The mask itself isn't too big for the face.
- Easy to unfold.
- Doesn't rip.


- Eye & mouth holes are a little on the small side.

I am on the fence about this mask because the mouth and eye holes are too small for my face. I love the qualities of the mask and how it makes my skin feel but I don't want to make a mess by making the eye holes bigger. The mouth I can live with as it hydrates and soothes my lips but every time I blink I catch the corner of the mask, the serum drip into the corner of my eyes and is overall unpleasant. There are other cucumber masks by Holika Holika that I'll be giving a try in the hopes the eye and mouth holes are big enough for me, but if you don't have huge eyes like me I'd give this a go. 

Is cucumber a favourite mask of yours? or Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of face masks there are? 

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