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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Holika Holika Juicy Mask Sheet // The August Review

Holika Holika Juicy Mask Sheet

Blueberry - "Healing and soothing, Blueberry Juicy Mask Sheet neutralises oil levels to clear and brighten skin. Packed with vitamins and minerals, skin is soaked with nutrients to counteract hormonal skin irritations and create a healthy clear complexion." - Beauty Bay Website
Pomegranate - "For clear, bright skin, Pomegranate Juicy Mask Sheet heals and regenerates. With Pomegranate extract, treat acne and prevent scarring for a vibrant, smooth-looking complexion with an even skin tone." - Beauty Bay Website


- Mask isn't oversized.
- Very affordable.
- Easy to unfold.
- Don't rip.
- Saturated evenly.
- Doesn't slide about the face.


- Not a huge range.

I've really come to enjoy products by Holika Holika and this is probably the best priced one for me. For £1.50-£2 a mask (dependant on offers) you are getting such a boost for your skin. The Blueberry one is for acne prone skin and labelled as energising but I thought it could help with my breakouts. After use I saw a reduction in the size of my spots, the redness had subsided and there were no more breakouts until a few weeks after. The pomegranate one is for regeneration and labelled as elasticity so I brought it to plump up my skin. After use I found my dark circles were not as prominent, my pores were a lot smaller and my skin looked a lot brighter.
If you are looking to get into Korean Skincare or if you are looking to treat your skin a little more I'd recommend these 100%. The range isn't huge which means you won't be too daunted with choice but what they have is applicable to a lot of skin types / issues.

Are you new to Korean Skincare? Is this a product you'd be interested to try?

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