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Sunday, 26 August 2018

Hanaka Callus Removal Foot Pack // The August Review

Hanaka Callus Removal Foot Pack

"3 days callus foot pack is the gentle solution to remove dead skin. It contains several natural fruit acid which penetrates into the layer of dead skin cells and works to peel off the old comified layer to unveil smooth, healthy skin." - Beauty Stall Website


- Smells good.
- Fits all feet sizes but not an overly sized sock.


- Took longer to see results.
- Felt the solution didn't reach a high enough level around the feet. 
- Is the same price as the Oh K! pack yet didn't give the same or better results.
- Barely any peeling.
- Didn't soften feet.

For me this wasn't as good as the Oh K! Foot pack I previously reviewed. In comparison they have the same steps of popping your feet into socks you fill with the solution and I wore socks to see the progress quicker but unlike with the Oh K! pack this took longer to see results and I felt there wasn't enough solution to get a whole foot peel. I get rough skin on the top sides of my feet but the solution doesn't come near that. I walked around a little and squashed my feet into the solution where I could but that then distributes it unevenly. It took almost a week for me to see any results and I'll be honest my foot skin was really rough and I knew doing a foot pack would show a lot of peeling and was so disappointed that it didn't. It had no benefit to my feet and I would not recommend this. 

What do you think of this foot peel? Would you give it a go?

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